A message from Dr. Cronqvist to fall 2020 graduates and professors

A message from Dr. Cronqvist to fall 2020 graduates and professors

By Dr. Henrik Cronqvist

A message from Dr. Cronqvist to fall 2020 graduates and professors

By Dr. Henrik Cronqvist
Dear Graduate Business Students,

While this has been an unprecedented academic semester, you have continued to display resiliency and grit – cornerstones of what is required to be successful in a global business environment. As we approach the end of the Fall 2020 semester, we celebrate your achievements and successes! 

We are very pleased to recognize our graduating fall 2020 students with the Miami Herbert Student Leadership Award. This award is dedicated to one graduate from each class who has demonstrated strong initiative, commitment, and leadership throughout the program. The results are determined entirely by the graduating cohorts, so it is truly a great honor for those of you who have been selected by your peers. It is our pleasure to announce the following Student Leadership Award recipients:

Student Leadership Awards:
  • Accelerated MBA – Antwan Felton
  • Global Executive MBA – Ann Dux
  • Health Executive MBA – Steven Wheeler
  • Master in Health Administration – Brianna Molano and Joanna Valencia
  • Professional MBA – Krystine Pereda
  • Real Estate MBA – James Farrar
  • Graduate Accounting & Taxation – Sydney Good
Teaching is at the core of our school's mission. Students from each graduating cohort select an outstanding teaching faculty member within their respective program.  Students consider rigor, content, and the overall teaching effectiveness. As with our Student Leadership Awards, the results are determined entirely by our graduating cohorts. With great excitement, we recognize the following Excellence in Teaching Award recipients: 

Excellence in Teaching Awards:
  • Accelerated MBA – Marie Dasborough and Alexandros Alexandrakis
  • Global Executive MBA – TBD during December module
  • Health Executive MBA – Karen Turner
  • Master in Health Administration – Howard Gitlow
  • Professional MBA – Tallys Yune
  • Real Estate MBA – Tallys Yunes
  • Graduate Accounting & Taxation – Daniel Medina
On behalf of our Miami Herbert Business School community, we would like to congratulate you on your commitment, perseverance, and achievements.  To all of our graduating students, although this stage of your journey with us is coming to a close, we hope that you keep us in your future by partaking in alumni events, serving future students as mentors, participating in ranking surveys, and keeping us abreast of your successes.

Wishing you all a happy and safe holiday season! 

Henrik Cronqvist
Vice Dean for Graduate Business Programs and Executive Education