Young alumnus pays it forward for future Miami Herbert students

Alumnus makes a gift to the University of Miami Patti and Allan Herbert Business School.
Young alumnus pays it forward for future Miami Herbert students

Willie Herenton, a distinguished alumnus, recently made a gift to the Miami Herbert Business School to establish the Willie W. Herenton Business Scholarship to benefit undergraduate business students.

Herenton's ongoing commitment to his alma mater has been reflected in his recent recognition on the University of Miami Alumni Association's prestigious 30 Under 30 list. Additionally, he plays an active role in shaping the future of the institution as a member of the Young Alumni Leadership Council. Since his graduation in 2021, Herenton has consistently demonstrated his dedication to nurturing the next generation of business leaders.

“I want to enhance the life of someone else,” said Herenton when asked why he made the gift. “It is a privilege to provide a scholarship to help someone else attend my amazing alma mater. I love the University of Miami, and this is a chance to give back and contribute in a life-changing way.”

Despite earning his degree from the College of Arts and Sciences, Herenton was always familiar with Miami Herbert since many of his economics courses were taught by Miami Herbert faculty. Attending “The U” was never a question for Herenton. The richness of culture in the city, the academics, and the campus were only a few of the reasons why the University of Miami quickly became Herenton’s dream school and number-one choice.

“The academic vigor at ‘The U,’ particularly at Miami Herbert, is unsurpassed,” said Herenton. “The diversity in my courses and the opportunity to live in a booming city like Miami prepared me to embrace the world differently.”

After being accepted and working diligently during his freshman year, Herenton joined the basketball team during his sophomore year and was awarded a full scholarship.

A life-long student-athlete, Herenton credits his grit and determination to join the team to his parents’ approach when homeschooling him and his siblings. Workouts were part of his curriculum and everyday life at home. Raised to have a strong body and mind, his brothers both played college sports, and his grandfather and namesake is a five-time golden glove boxing champion.

Herenton is currently an investment analyst at Channing Global Advisors, a subsidiary of his father’s company, Channing Capital. In his role, he conducts fundamental research analysis on institutional client portfolios invested in emerging markets, international development, and global equity markets.  Herenton credits his father for instilling a strong work ethic in him, one he works to emulate in his career.