Spring Awards

SONHS Awards Take Place at Lakeside Village


SONHS Awards Take Place at Lakeside Village

Fourteen individual students recognized and more than 200 grads receive their school pins during long-awaited return to in-person Spring Awards ceremonies
On Friday, May 13, Sonia Singh, BSHS ’22, became the first person in her family to graduate from college. Now, this first-generation student is a member of the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine’s Class of 2026, and grateful to the School of Nursing and Health Studies (SONHS) for empowering her to succeed.

“The school’s faculty and staff were so supportive and kind, and there were so many resources,” said Singh, who majored in health science. “It means the world to me. Thank you.”

Singh is among more than 240 students who graduated from SONHS this May, and was one of the many who attended the SONHS Spring 2022 Awards Ceremonies, held May 12 in the University’s new Lakeside Village Expo Center.

“After hosting this event virtually for two years, we are finally back together in person in a lovely new location,” Nichole Crenshaw, associate dean for undergraduate nursing programs, told the more than 400 students, faculty, and family members in attendance at the ceremony for all nursing students. “That calls for a big round of applause!”

Health science and public health majors were recognized at an earlier event led by Arsham Alamian, associate dean for health studies programs, in the same location.

SONHS Dean Cindy L. Munro sent a video message congratulating all of the graduates. “This is not the end. It is an exciting beginning,” she said. “New doors will open to you, and as they do, remember that our door is always open to you here at the School of Nursing and Health Studies!”

It’s a message public health grad Laura Francois, BSPH ’22, the daughter of an electrician and a home health aide from West Palm Beach, is unlikely to forget anytime soon. “The past four years have been amazing,” said Francois. “There have been a lot of downs and in-between moments [with the pandemic], but even more ups—I’m grateful for it all.” Francois said she will take her MCATs and begin applying to medical schools in June, with the Miller School among her top choices.

During the events, all SONHS faculty were honored as a team. The 14 SONHS students who received individual awards are:

  • Bachelor of Science in Health Science Academic Excellence Performance Award: Austin J. Lent, BSHS ’22
  • Bachelor of Science in Public Health Academic Excellence Performance Award: Maia F. Barile, BSPH ’22
  • Undergraduate Health Studies Student Research Award: Nicolas Hernandez, BSPH ’22
  • BSN Excellence in Academic & Clinical Performance Award: Samuel J. Kumar, BSN ’22
  • Accelerated BSN Excellence in Academic & Clinical Performance Award: Zachary I. Fobar, ABSN ’22
  • BSN Excellence in Leadership Award: Rebecca C. Luaces, BSN ’22
  • Accelerated BSN Excellence in Leadership Award: Jessica R. Garafola, ABSN ’22
  • Undergraduate Nursing Student Research Award: Irene Calvo, BSN ’22
  • UHealth | UM Health System, Clinical Performance & Service Excellence Award: Brian T. Earle, BSN ’22, and Miriam A. Ortega, ABSN ’22
  • Jackson Health System Academic Excellence Award: Anne C. Wu, BSN ’22, and Ally A. Kelly, ABSN ’22
  • VITAS Healthcare, Compassionate Heart Award: Hargun Kaur, BSN ’22, and Chanelle Boateng, ABSN ’22