Learning at UM

Learning at UM

What's the deal with Special Programs?

The University of Miami hosts four, invitation only special programs for first-year students. What would your four years at the U look like as part of one of these programs?


Learning at UM

Featured Major: Architecture

This month’s featured major comes from the School of Architecture, where students learn to design buildings and spaces of relevance and beauty.


Learning at UM

Transferring to the U: Kalid Gawon’s Story

Ever wonder if transferring to the U would be right for you? Kalid Gawon was in your shoes once before, and he might have your answer.


Learning at UM

Featured Major: Interactive Media

This month's featured major comes from the School of Communication. The Interactive Media program prepares students to research, prototype, design, and build products in business, social, academic, and cultural contexts.