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University of Miami President Julio Frenk Conducts Listening Exercise with College of Arts & Sciences Faculty at the Ring Theatre

By UM News

University of Miami President Julio Frenk Conducts Listening Exercise with College of Arts & Sciences Faculty at the Ring Theatre

By UM News
Standing before an audience of 120 members of the faculty from the University of Miami College of Arts & Sciences, President Julio Frenk looked ready to listen intently. “Today, I would like to encourage you to speak about any topic that is on your mind regarding the University; but also for me, it would be especially valuable to hear about the challenges and opportunities facing the College of Arts & Sciences,” said President Frenk.

‌‌Launched after President Frenk’s town hall meeting with University of Miami staff, students, and faculty on September 10, the listening exercises began as a means for the President to connect with UM faculty, staff, and students by lending his ears to their specific concerns and challenges. President Frenk said he chose to have the listening exercises before his inauguration ceremony on January 29, 2016 to immerse himself in the University’s “culture, history, and expectations.”


Practically every seat at the Jerry Herman Ring Theatre was filled with faculty interested in communicating their concerns and vision for the College of Arts & Sciences. In his opening remarks, President Frenk noted his genuine anticipation for the conversation with faculty from the College, which he noted is “at the very core of our University.”

“I am excited to see the enthusiasm and the engagement from the College’s faculty as they convey their aspirations for the College and the University with the President,” said Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences Leonidas Bachas.

President Frenk stated that all universities are facing a crucial time as it relates to challenges in Federal grant funding, social responsibility, and shifting of the labor market.   “It is also a moment of tremendous opportunities, and I do believe that universities that manage to capture those opportunities will lead the way in the decades ahead,” he added. The President emphasized the distinctive opportunity for UM to become the Hemispheric University, an intellectual hub, and a global leader in solving the challenges of tomorrow.

President Frenk addressed and commented on a wide range of topics, such as climate change and how the University should be at the forefront of research related to global warming; increasing the University’s endowment; educational innovation; environmental responsibility, and diversity and creating an inclusive environment – to name a few.

Since President Frenk began his listening exercises at the University, over 1,100 entries have been submitted by the UM community via a virtual mailbox created specifically for the President’s listening forums.


October 28, 2015