In Memoriam: Howard Pospesel

howard pospesel

Howard Pospesel, Emeritus Professor of Philosophy, died unexpectedly on Saturday, September 21, 2019. He was 82. 

Howard was a wonderful man with a strong moral compass, and he was dedicated to the University of Miami. During his time at UM, he served on numerous College and University committees, most notably on the Senate Academic Standards Committee and A&S Admissions and Academic Standard Committee.

He was a driving force in the College and at the University for improving the academic quality of the student body, and a strong voice for all faculty (including lecturers) and for staff—advocating for fair treatment, pay, and benefits.

He served in many capacities at UM, including as Associate Master of Pearson, President of Phi Kappa Phi and Phi Beta Kappa, and Chair of Philosophy. He also received the first James W. McLamore award from the Senate for his outstanding service. 

Howard was a demanding yet popular teacher at all levels. He was the Department’s resident logician and published several widely used logic texts and journal articles. He was well-known as an acute philosophical interlocutor, often finding flaws in reasoning in the work of both departmental colleagues and visiting speakers, and unfailing suggesting ways of improving their arguments. He didn’t criticize to score points but rather to produce the strongest argument for a position that he could, and for this, he was deeply respected by all who came into contact with him.

Please send your condolences to his wife, Carmen, at 13137 Glenview Lane, Grand Island, FL 32735.