Clint Bridges

5 Questions: Clint Bridges

By A&S News

5 Questions: Clint Bridges

By A&S News
C.E.O of Everglades Holiday Park and A&S co-chair of Ever Brighter campaign

As the University of Miami approaches its centennial, it’s embarking on an Ever Brighter campaign. Can you share a little about what the campaign means to you?  
Throughout the last century, the University of Miami has been an amazing beacon of what is possible in higher education. The much-anticipated Ever Brighter campaign will not only highlight where the University is heading in the future but showcase its relevance in the community and beyond. For me, the new campaign is a guide to show where the U has come from and more importantly where it's going.

What excites you most about the College’s future? 
We are truly in a golden age of exponential growth with artificial intelligence and genomics research. With the guidance of the faculty at the College of Arts and Sciences, the possibilities are endless for all students. Whether through expression in the arts and humanities or through cutting-edge research and scholarship happening in the areas of chemistry, mathematics, or health, the College plays a vital role in fostering a passion for learning, experimentation, and creativity at the University.

Why should alumni, friends, and donors support the campaign? 
I was always taught that it is better to give than to receive. For those of us who have been fortunate in our personal or professional lives, it’s always beneficial to give back to our community and support what we know is an important and vital component to South Florida, and it’s evident that the University’s mission statement will lead our community into the next 100 years. 

We know you are passionate about the Everglades. What could our students learn about the environment and sustainability by engaging with this precious resource?
There is only one Everglades. It is vital that we protect the Everglades for not only future generations to enjoy and witness its natural beauty, but for the much-needed water source to remain clean for all South Floridians to drink. 

What motivated you to become a donor and why is philanthropy and giving back so important?
God has blessed me beyond what I deserve and this is one of many ways that I am able to show my gratitude for a life I could not possibly have imagined when I was growing up. I can only hope that my philanthropy will not only help those in need but also inspire others to do the same.