A passion for studying the mind

Two exceptional College of Arts and Sciences students graduating in May share their experiences studying psychology and neuroscience, as well as their advice for younger students.
Lauren Tierney and Layomi Adeojo
Lauren Tierney and Layomi Adeojo Photos: Gaby Torna and Nicole Curtin/University of Miami

Lauren Tierney and Layomi Adeojo took advantage of psychology research opportunities at the University of Miami, and they both plan to continue studying the brain and human behavior after graduation. They also participated in mentorship programs, including the Dean's Ambassadors program in the College of Arts and Sciences.


Lauren Tierney 

Lauren Tierney was drawn to the University of Miami by the undergraduate neuroscience program in the College of Arts and Sciences, which offers many opportunities for undergraduates to get involved in research activities. Tierney, who grew up in Viera, Florida, had taken an Advanced Placement psychology course in high school and wanted to learn more about the biological bases for human behavior. 

At the University, she majored in neuroscience and conducted research with both the psychology department and The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis. After graduation, she will start medical school at the Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine, where she has been accepted into the Medical Scholars Program. “I am very grateful for the opportunity to become a Double ’Cane and to continue my journey at UM,” she said.

Lauren Tierney
Lauren Tierney Photo: Gaby Torna


Tierney has been involved in many extracurricular activities over the past four years, including serving as a Dean’s Ambassador in the College of Arts and Sciences and working on the ’Cane Kickoff staff.

“I enjoyed being able to help revitalize the ’Cane Kickoff program after the COVID-19 pandemic and to personally welcome new students and families to the University of Miami,” she said.

Her advice for younger students is to always be open to new opportunities. “It can be very easy to think that there’s only one specific path to get you to the career of your dreams and to only focus on career-oriented activities,” she said. “But during my time at UM, I have found that the organizations and departments I joined for fun or just to take a chance were the ones that had the greatest impact on me personally and professionally.” 

Layomi Adeojo

When Layomi Adeojo looks back on the past four years, one of the experiences that stands out most is serving as a mentor with Inspire “U” Academy. Through this program, Adeojo supported a high school student who had moved to Miami from Argentina.

“Inspire U is such a beautiful organization,” she said. “I think it’s very impactful for young people to see role models and especially role models who are close in age to them.”

Layomi Adeojo
Layomi Adeojo Photo: Nicole Curtin/University of Miami


Adeojo, who also served as a Dean’s Ambassador, grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania. She was drawn to the University of Miami in part because of its diversity. “One thing I was really looking for in a college was diversity because there wasn’t a lot of that in my hometown,” she explained.

Adeojo majored in English and psychology, which allowed her to pursue her love of literature and her passion for mental health. After graduation, she plans to start a Doctor of Psychology program at Nova Southeastern University. She is grateful to her mentor, Sannisha Dale, an associate professor in the psychology department, for giving her opportunities to participate in research and for encouraging her to apply to graduate school.

“It’s this culmination of so many years of hard work, my parents’ support, their prayers, the people around me, and those who have written my letters of recommendation,” she said.

Despite all her accomplishments, Adeojo said she struggled with impostor syndrome when she first arrived at the University. Her advice to younger students is not to let self-doubt get in the way. “Apply to everything, even the things you think you’re not qualified for,” she said.