New windows coming to Richter Library

New windows coming to Richter Library

By Library Communications

New windows coming to Richter Library

By Library Communications
Safety and environmental improvements are being made to the first and second floors.

In the summer and early fall of 2019, the windows on the Otto G. Richter Library's first floor and a portion of the second floor will be replaced with hurricane-grade windows. This project is part of an ongoing University-wide effort by the UM Facilities Department to maintain the University’s physical infrastructure. Specific reasons that the University has initiated this project include:

  • Enhance safety and weather resilience of the building
  • Protect the environment through increased energy efficiency
  • Ensure normal building maintenance

This work will begin on Monday, May 13, 2019, and will cause sporadic noise and disruption. A number of services and spaces, including the Learning Commons, Graduate Study Area, and Faculty Reading Room will be affected.

Learning Commons

All the summer services of the Learning Commons will continue, but the Writing Center, Modern Languages Lab, Math Lab, and Research Services will shift to alternate locations. The Digital Scholars’ Lab and Creative Studio will operate as usual from their normal locations. More information will be posted as soon as it is available. 

Graduate Student Study Room

The Graduate Student Study Room will remain available, but may be noisier than normal with reduced open seating. Alternate study locations, such as the Richter Stacks, Marta and Austin Weeks Music Library, Law Library, or Kornspan Study Lounge in the Student Center Complex may be quieter options.

Faculty Reading Room

The Faculty Reading Room is being relocated to interim space on the third floor in order to provide a quieter space for faculty to work. UM Libraries' Access Services is contacting all current users of the Faculty Reading Room to accommodate needs related to the change.

The functions of the Faculty Reading Room are being incorporated into planning for a Faculty Research Commons to be created on the third floor. A few benefits of the temporary location of the Faculty Reading Room include adjacency to the Faculty Exploratory and the offices of librarians who provide research and digital scholarship consultations.  

In fall 2019 the space previously occupied by the Faculty Reading Room on the second floor will become the headquarters of the newest Learning Commons’ partner, the Office of Academic Enhancement


If you have questions about the Windows Replacement Project or Faculty Reading Room Temporary Relocation, please contact Cheryl Gowing, associate dean for Library Information Systems, Access, and Facilities.

If you have questions about the Faculty Research Commons or Learning Commons initiatives, please contact Kelly Miller, associate dean for Learning and Research Services.