Learning to lead

Learning to lead

By Life@theU

Learning to lead

By Life@theU
Last week, leaders from across the University gathered for the Essentials of Leadership “Business of the U” event to have candid conversations with President Julio Frenk and members of the University’s senior leadership team about the importance of leadership at the U. Here are highlights of advice that was shared.

Since 2014, UM’s Essentials of Leadership program has graduated more than 600 University leaders. The program, which kicked-off its twelfth class last week, invited a group of senior leaders to have candid discussions about the future of the University and sparked insightful conversations around their leadership journeys. The event included networking and a panel discussion led by Sarah Artecona, Associate Vice President for Community Engagement. In between belly laughs and hard-hitting questions, we captured some words of advice for all leaders from members of the University’s senior leadership team.


You are a part of something big

“As leaders we have to continue to make the connection between our work and our purpose. We are all part of a value chain, and at the end of that chain there is a life that is impacted; the student that becomes a nurse; the patient that goes home to their family. This implies responsibility and accountability.”
—Julio Frenk, President


Winning teams share one voice

“It’s important for a team to have discussions and to debate, to talk about things and to disagree, and then come to an understanding. When we leave the room we speak in one voice.”
—Edward Abraham, Executive Vice president for Health Affairs and Chief Executive Officer of UHealth


A passion for purpose

“Without all of us in this room, our students, patients, and others would not go on to thrive. Find your link in the chain of transforming lives at the U, and connect your purpose and passion around that.”
—Mary Beth Briscoe, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of UHealth and Miller School of Medicine


Building trust is job number one

“Trust is not something that happens by itself. You have to invest every day in building trust with the people you work with. Trust creates a special connection that allows us to move at this rapid pace.”
—Brandon Gilliland, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer


Know yourself

“As a leader, you have to know your hot buttons. You need to know when to give yourself some space in difficult conversations, and have patience with yourself and others to guide the conversations toward a productive point and then get to the right decisions.”
—Jeffrey Duerk, Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost


The Essentials of Leadership program supports UM leaders in their role as coaches and mentors. The six-month program, hosted by the Office of Talent and Organizational Development, helps participants explore their individual leadership style, understand learning styles, gain confidence in handling difficult conversations at work, and expand their professional network with colleagues across the University.