Tips for managing your inbox at work

Art credit: Diamari Torres
By Jennifer Palma Sanchez

Art credit: Diamari Torres

Tips for managing your inbox at work

By Jennifer Palma Sanchez
During a recent “Tech Talk,” University of Miami Information Technology experts shared tips and tools for managing your inbox in a modern workplace.

Declutter your inbox, access any email with ease, and increase your productivity at work with tips from UMIT’s “Tech Talk.”

Access when you need it

Through Outlook 365 UM faculty and staff have options when it comes to accessing their inboxes. According to UMIT, the majority of the UM community uses the web-based version of Outlook 365 by logging in through However, with mobile and desktop versions available, you can get to your inbox from just about anywhere. When comparing the different versions users will notice that the desktop access it slightly more robust—with different features and tools—while the mobile and web-based versions are typically updated more frequently.

Learn more about the different ways you can access your inbox.

Focus on organization

No matter what version of Outlook you use, all users have access to organization and productivity tools. While the mobile application is slightly more limited when it comes to setting rules and automatic responses, once the appropriate tools are selected on the desktop or mobile versions they will apply to all versions of your inbox across all devices.

Looking to get organized?

  • Use “rules” to automatically organize incoming emails into folders.
  • Archive, sweep, and move emails with the touch of a button.
  • Elect to use the “focused inbox” feature to prioritize received emails.

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Manage your contacts

Are you constantly using email to reach a specific group of people? While you can use the Global Address List to search for UM contacts, you can also save time by creating contact groups and distribution lists. Using contact groups allows you to create a personal distribution group that only you have access to use. Distribution groups can be created by anyone but can be accessed and shared by your colleagues with the appropriate permissions. Both options allow you to easily share information to a larger group without having to dig for email addresses.

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UMIT’s “Tech that Works for U” is a series dedicated to teaching you how to use the productivity tools available to you at the University of Miami. Resources from past sessions are available on the UMIT website. Check back with Life@TheU for details on the next session.