What you need to know about Hurricane Dorian

What you need to know about Hurricane Dorian

By Life@TheU

What you need to know about Hurricane Dorian

By Life@TheU

While Hurricane Dorian is making its way through the Atlantic, we’re sharing details to help University of Miami faculty and staff prepare while at work and stay informed at home. 

Follow the official University advisories

Visit miami.edu or review all official storm- and campus-related hurricane advisories here:

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Follow the latest official University hurricane advisories:

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Protect your data

Be proactive about storing and saving your data in one of the University’s cloud-based solutions: 

Shut down and unplug your computer

Your computer should be shut down properly and unplugged from the wall outlet. Do the same for the monitor, laptops, and/or mobile devices, and all equipment such as printers, scanners, and speakers. Review additional tips and details from UMIT to safeguard your office and devices. 

Update your contact information

Ensure your contact information in Workday is up-to-date and accurate.

Parking on campus

Parking garages are currently being enforced as normal. Note, only vehicles with a valid UM permit that correspond to the garage are allowed to park. Read details here.

Review the University policy

Once an emergency has been declared, employees should review the University Declared Emergency, Employee Responsibilities, and Compensation Policy to understand their individual responsibilities and compensation. Review the Workday Disaster Pay tip sheet, and Kronos Disaster Pay tip sheet for more information.


Call the Hurricane/Emergency hotline number: 305-284-5151

Learn more at prepare.miami.edu