Benefits for student-athletes

By Life@TheU

Benefits for student-athletes

By Life@TheU
Learn which benefits are acceptable for student-athletes according to NCAA legislature.

To keep with NCAA legislation, the University of Miami asks that employees and boosters refrain from providing extra benefits or services to student-athletes or prospective student-athletes. An extra benefit is any special arrangement by an institutional employee, or a representative of the institution’s athletics interests (booster), that’s provided to a student-athlete or a prospective student-athlete or their friends and family.

If a benefit is available to the general student population or a particular segment of the student body, it’s not considered a violation of NCAA legislation. Some types of benefits University student-athletes received are not considered extra benefits. These include general academic counseling and tutoring services, student development and career counseling, the use of computers, meals, transportation, and school supplies.  

The following, however, are examples of extra benefits, which should not be provided to student-athletes or prospective student-athletes.

  • Money, loans, bonds, or co-signing of loans
  • Free transportation, including the use of a car, boat, airline tickets, or bus tickets
  • Free storage
  • Free merchandise, such as clothing and video games
  • Free entertainment, including sporting events, movies, concerts, and nightclubs
  • Free lodging, such as hotel rooms or stay at an apartment or house
  • Free meals
  • Discounted merchandise as a result of status
  • Free use of a credit card, calling card, or other methods of payment

For questions about which benefits are allowed or for more information, contact UM athletics at or 305-284-2692.

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