2020 graduating employee

By Life@TheU

2020 graduating employee

By Life@TheU

Logan Caswell

What is your current role and department at UM?
I am the assistant director, Business Industry to the Toppel Career Center. I work with the Miami Herbert Business School specifically and help students with career readiness among many other things.

What degree will you be receiving this coming graduation? 
Master of Music in Music Business and Entertainment Management

How long have you been in service at UM? 
I have been working for UM since November of 2018. I worked as a graduate assistant for the Toppel Career Center and then just a month later was selected to become the teaching assistant for the Music Business Program. It was a lot to juggle since I also picked up a freelance design job for a small boutique law firm when I first moved down to Miami at the beginning of the semester. Obviously, something had to give. So, I devoted my time to my studies, Toppel, and Frost exclusively.  

What were some highlights of your time as a student and employee?There are so many I can’t even begin to just pick one. It’s actually kind of ironic how completely full circle I have come at my time with UM. I started as an online student for my program part time while living back in my home state of Massachusetts. Then, I decided to pack up everything I had and move to Miami to take classes on campus full time. From there, I became a student employee with Toppel and Frost. And before I knew it, this January, I became a full-time staff member of Toppel only to be back online this final semester to finish my degree in music business. It wasn’t until my professor pointed it out that I realized I truly did a full circle of getting the entire UM experience.   

Other highlights include going to the football games with my peers from class that  have become lifelong friends. We all moved to Miami from all over the country, and it was so amazing to get to spend the last almost two years together experiencing Miami for the first time as a group. We all bonded over classes, football games, GSA-sponsored events, and the fact that we all got involved in some way on campus.  

Another highlight of mine is being able to join the many clubs that UM has to offer.  I joined the UWake club and enjoyed wakeboarding in Biscayne Bay as well as kiteboarding in between classes and on the weekends at Matheson Hammock Park as a member of the kiteboarding club. It was amazing getting to get lessons and get better at a sport I had not touched in a couple years and could not have picked back up if not for the plethora of clubs UM has to offer its students.

What is a favorite UM memory?
I have so many fond memories being at UM, but there was something special about being in a program where I was truly learning about the music industry from professors who are still active in the field and have all been so involved in the industry for decades. It was special to walk into my production courses and get to work on projects in the impressive studios that Frost has to offer. I took a huge risk transforming my career outcomes by leaning fully into a master’s program that was so specialized. I loved going to classes every day and getting such varied perspectives of the industry from my professors, but also getting to experience that with students from all over the world. Music students in general have such a unique background compared to a typical student, but then you couple that with being with students from all over the world and you become exposed to entire new cultures and are left with an entirely new outlook on everything. 

All of this was heightened by the fact that outside of class we still had so many opportunities to get involved. I was the graphic designer of Cane Records and got to help release two compilation albums with the student-run record label. In addition to the music specific clubs Frost offers, I loved going to the master classes that would be held for us Frost students specifically. From Alessia Cara, to Salaam Remi, to DJ Alyx Ander, to top talent agencies, I got to see so much right here on campus. It was also great to experience how by networking at these events and being a member of the various music organizations led me to opportunities to work music festivals such as House of Creatives and EDC Las Vegas.

Have you received any awards, honors, or special achievements? 
3.7 GPA

Please share any advice that you might have for employees looking to go back to school.
Lean fully into it. I was scared to change everything I knew and just go for it. But life is about taking risks, and I am so happy I did. Not everyone will go back to school full time like I did. Leaving behind a career in Boston in finance and marketing to start all over again in Miami was a scary idea, but truly the best thing that I could have ever done. I learned so much about myself and my capabilities. Also, take advantage of everything your school and program have to offer. Today is all about networking and making connections, and if I hadn’t gotten as involved as I did and put myself out there as much as possible, I know not even half of the amazing opportunities I have had over the past two years would have ever happened.

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