Share in the gratitude, show appreciation for our UHealth heroes

Share in the gratitude, show appreciation for our UHealth heroes

By Life@TheU

Share in the gratitude, show appreciation for our UHealth heroes

By Life@TheU
Each day, University of Miami Health System employees continue to work tirelessly to ensure the safety and well-being of the Miami community. Join colleagues, patients, and family members from across the globe in thanking them for all that they do.

From supply chain services to sanitation and patient access support staff, everyone at UHealth—the University of Miami Health System—contributes to the incredible work being done by clinicians on the front lines and behind the scenes. We are grateful for their dedication, commitment, and courage, and share our deepest gratitude and admiration. Explore some of the featured sentiments that have been expressed by the Miami community through UHealth’s Words of Appreciation and take the time to share your own here.


To: ICU Staff

"Thank you for all the amazing work that you do each day with such compassion for our patients. But most importantly, to those of you who go the extra mile to give comfort to our patients’ families by helping them see their loved ones on FaceTime or just assisting them with hearing their voice, I am grateful to work with you!"
— Anonymous

To: All Health Care Workers

"Thank you so much for your extraordinary work during this difficult and unprecedented time. You are our REAL HEROES because you are saving millions of lives. Your love for your profession is defeating this cruel virus, and it gives us hope that we will recover and become a better society. Thanks to each of you: nurses, doctors, technicians, janitorial staff, pharmacists, lab workers, all hospital personnel who are in the front lines, risking their own lives to save ours."
Miami-Dade Resident

To: UHealth Support Staff

"While we all too often overlook your essential contributions, now more than ever, your work to clean, repair, maintain, and improve UHealth facilities is so important. Thank you!!!"
— Anonymous

To: Dr. Lang & ER Team

"Dr. Lang and ER teamfrom the security guard to the check-in person to the sweet lady who was vacuuming the waiting room so it would be clean and comfortable for patients, transporters, ARNPs, and physiciansTHANK YOU for being there for me. There are no words that can capture my deep appreciation. You all are in my prayers. THANK YOU AGAIN!"
An ER patient

To: Supply Chain

"Thank you for searching the globe to secure all the PPE we need to ensure everyone at UHealth is SAFE!"
— Anonymous

To: Every Last UHealth Employee on the Front Lines

"We may never meet. Our paths may never cross. But I am immensely proud of and thankful for every single thing you do, big and small, to comfort, care for, and treat our community in the midst of this crisis. And to your families who have had to share you with us, an extra big “thank you” for your sacrifice as well. You are all heroes."
Nelson Vega

To: Onsite Patient Access Team

"THANK U for being so AMAZING. Thank U for ALWAYS helping out no matter the challenge. Thank U for working tirelessly to ensure all processes run as painless and smooth as possible. Thank U for ensuring ALL of our patients, medical team, and staff are heard, understood, and kept calm as we navigate through these difficult times. Thank U for being such role models. Thank U for being so life changing and saving on a level you may not realize. THANK U!!!"
Armando Carvajal

To: Public Safety

"Thanks to all frontline officers who work side by side daily with screeners (patient access) and nurses to ensure safety of both the staff and patients. From the time they enter the University of Miami to the time they leave, you are supporting and enforcing UHealth safety policies during COVID-19. KUDOS to you all! Together we shall conquer COVID-19."
Caleb Odeyemi

To: All Health Care Workers

"We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for sacrificing so much to help the patients with or without COVID-19 during this global crisis. I will be starting residency soon, and your bravery inspires me everyday to do my best. Thank you again!"
The Roy Family

To: The ED team, all of them!

"I see what you all do every day and your professionalism and kindness take my breath away. I couldn’t be more proud of where I work and who I work with. Thank you, from all of us."
Lauren Foster, Director of Concierge Services