Pick a podcast that piques your interest

Pick a podcast that piques your interest

By Life@TheU

Pick a podcast that piques your interest

By Life@TheU
University colleagues recommend podcasts that sparked their interest and kept their attention.

Podcasts have grown in popularity since their launch in the early 2000s. Today, content creators and business owners produce podcasts to reach a growing audience of listeners. With thousands of hosts, guests, and producers exploring and discussing a number of topics, there is a show for every listener and learner. Browse a list of recommendations from your colleagues.

Adventures in Advising
Colum Cronin and Matt Markin
“A cool way to connect with the global academic advising community and to share knowledge and best practices. Also, learn about what's happening (in academic advising) and how it affects academic advisors, as well as share/hear advising stories.’’ —Gisett Taveras, senior academic advisor, College of Arts and Sciences
Genre: How to

Born to Impact
Joel Marion
“This podcast has helped to guide me into the man I am today and is quite educational. ‘Born to Impact’ especially is ideal for any soul to feel great in their spirits, and it has helped me through the lockdown to keep my head up.” —Alex Munguia, undergraduate student
Genre: Self-help

Crime Junkie
Ashley Flowers and Brit Prawat
“This podcast is intriguing and a good listen when you are driving to work!” —Sarah, department administrator, medical campus
Genres: True crime

The Daily
Michael Barbaro and The New York Times guests
“[I listen to The Daily] to get the N.Y. Times viewpoint on certain topics.” —Kyle Grealis, respiratory therapist, UHealth Pulmonary Department
Genre: Daily news

Cynthia Graber and Nicola Twilley
“This podcast is for foodies!” —Carol Shipman, engagement officer, Alumni Engagement
Genre: Food

Hidden Brain
“I love ‘Hidden Brain’ because it is a fascinating look at human behavior and societal landscapes. For context, the description says: ‘Shankar Vedantam [the speaker, who has such a calming voice] uses science and storytelling to reveal the unconscious patterns that drive human behavior, shape our choices, and direct our relationship.’ It’s absolutely fascinating and I learn something new after every episode.” —Marilys Rios, senior communications specialist, Division of Continuing and International Education
Genre: Social sciences



How I Built This with Guy Raz
“Great insight into the minds and experiences of innovators, entrepreneurs, and idealists.” —Lisa Merritt, executive director, Development and Alumni Relations
Genre: Business

Imani State of Mind
Stitcher and Imani Walker
“I recommend this podcast because it tackles mental health topics in the Black community by Black doctors.” —Gennet Wright, office manager, School of Education and Human Development
Genre: Mental health

Last Podcast on the Left
Ben Kissel, Marcus Parks, and Henry Zebrowski
“I really love the ‘Last Podcast on the Left’ because it's a really funny take on true crime, conspiracy theories, hauntings, and other off-the-beaten-path topics.” —Nat Phensiriphand,  digital media manager, UM Libraries
Genre: Comedy; true crime; dark comedy; paranormal

Aaron Mahnke and Grim & Mild
“I recommended ‘Lore’ because the host shares non-fiction stories usually through a folklore lens. Kind of feels like campfire stories.” —Yanin Valdes, administrative assistant, Faculty Senate
Genre: History

The Michelle Obama Podcast
Higher Ground
“I recommend this podcast—it has only one episode so far—because it talks about why community spirit matters. It’s critical to keep it in mind especially during a crisis. Individualism is important, but to a degree. Collectivism can help us achieve more as a society. Giving back to the community, a person’s life is more meaningful.” —Lizi Wu, alumna, Miami Herbert Business School
Genres: Self-help

Outrage and Optimism
Christiana Figueras, Global Outrage
“The climate crisis is devastating to all those on the planet, and this podcast gives international perspectives on why we should all have outrage as well as optimism.” —Lisa Merritt, executive director, Development and Alumni Relations
Genre: Politics


Spitballers Comedy
Andy Holloway, Jason Moore, and Mike Wright
“I recommended this because it is a great comedy about real life from people who are just dudes and dads. It is family friendly, independent, and supported by a community of users who contribute to the content. During the pandemic, I find great joy and stress relief from relating to the host.” —Trey Knight, assistant director, Wellness and Recreation
Genre: Comedy

Story of Miami
Paul Crucet and Nick McCrea
“Every time I kayak through the waterways of South Florida or bike and hike through natural habitat, I always marvel at how anyone could have thought this swampy, buggy, steamy region would make a great place to live. Listening to this podcast explains everything you ever wanted to know about South Florida, from its land formation to its first settlers, subsequent territorial battles, and important connections to the Caribbean. It really illuminates so many interesting aspects of this region's multifaceted history and enduring complexity.” —Meredith Camel, executive director, University Communications
Genre: Places and Travel

This American Life The Out Crowd
Ira Glass and others
“This episode won the 2020 Pulitzer Prize for audio reporting, the first ever given for audio journalism.” —Carol Shipman, engagement officer, Alumni Engagement
Genre: Personal Journals

Ryan Flaherty and Nike guests
“The athlete interviews about their training habits are quite interesting.” —Kyle Grealis, respiratory therapist, UHealth Pulmonary Department
Genres: Health and fitness

VORW International Podcast
“This podcast shares an eclectic mix of topics each week that starts off with current events. There's sure to be an episode for everybody. ‘TheReportoftheWeek’ has a relaxing voice (in my opinion). There's opportunity for listener engagement by sending an email, and there's usually a portion of the show where emails are read and responded to.” —Brianna Almeida, graduate student studying plant-fungal interactions
Genre: Society and culture

Will Ahmed
“The data analytics regarding the body is outstanding! The podcasts help introduce this relatively new product but explains how our bodies are more than exercise, eat, and sleep.” —Kyle Grealis, respiratory therapist, UHealth Pulmonary Department
Genres: Fitness

Here are a few more recommendations that we received via Instagram @LifeAtTheU:

  • My Brother, My Brother, and Me —@zo.bees
  • RAWring Twenties Podcast —@heiditolchin
  • The World Next Week —@alexander.munguia

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