5 things you need to know this week

By Life@TheU

5 things you need to know this week

By Life@TheU
A weekly series designed to highlight events, benefits, perks, and items of interest for University of Miami faculty and staff.

Update your remote work location during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Deadline is Tuesday, Dec. 1.
As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, University staff members may be temporarily working remotely in locations outside of Florida. Consistent with the University’s telecommuting policy, it is important that Workday accurately reflects any changes in temporary residence as there may be local and/or state tax and other regulatory requirement implications for those working outside of Florida. The University must also be registered in states outside of Florida where employees are working, even if temporarily. Staff members who have been working in a location outside of Florida during the 2020 calendar year must provide information about their remote work arrangements. If this describes your telecommute situation, complete the Out-of-State Temporary Remote Work Form. Learn more.

Learn about Social Security benefits. 
Tuesday, Dec. 8, at noon and 6 p.m.
University employees can attend a presentation by Maria Ortega, public affairs specialist with the Miami-Dade Social Security Administration Office, to learn about updates regarding Social Security, including eligibility and the steps eligible participants need to take to apply for benefits. Employees enrolled in UM’s Well ’Canes Incentives program can earn points by attending the session at noon or 6 p.m. Find more opportunities, including a session on managing holiday stress on Tuesday, Dec. 15, offered by the University’s Faculty and Staff Assistance Program.

Get your flu shot now!
Compliance deadline is Friday, Dec. 11.
As part of the University of Miami’s COVID-19 response, students, faculty, staff, and supporting team members on all campuses are required to receive the seasonal flu vaccine. The shots are currently available for students, faculty, and staff by appointment at multiple locations on and off campus. Visit coronavirus.miami.edu/flushot for details on compliance deadlines, to find out where and when you can schedule your appointment, and to get answers to frequently asked questions.

Show us how you celebrate the holidays from home. 
As we get closer to wrapping up the year, many of us have begun to fill our homes with festive decor inspired by the holidays. We want to see how you celebrate the season at home. Send us images of your interior or exterior setup—via email at lifeattheu@miami.edu or social media @LifeAtTheU—for a chance to be featured on @LifeAtTheU.

Help the UHealth Fitness and Wellness team launch a new virtual program in 2021.
If you are interested in learning about trending health and wellness topics while incorporating some movement into your day, share your thoughts with our colleagues at the medical campus who are planning to launch a series of virtual walk-and-learn events in 2021. Complete a brief survey.