Create your fundraising strategy to support the DCC

By Life@TheU

Create your fundraising strategy to support the DCC

By Life@TheU
Here’s what you need to know about this year’s DCC and how to support Team Hurricanes.

With fewer than 50 days until DCC XI and more than 1,500 participants registered, now is the perfect time to join Team Hurricanes and raise funds in support of life-saving research at the Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center. Whether you ride, run, or walk in-person at Hard Rock Stadium or virtually from wherever you choose, an individual goal for fundraising can be a shared experience—and one that can be simple and strategic.

Pick up pro tips to get you into the spirit of cultivating cash for cancer research.   

Customize your fundraising page and share the reason for your support.

Every cent that is raised through the DCC will support innovative cancer research and studies at Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center, the only NCI-designated cancer center in South Florida and part of UHealth-University of Miami Health System and the Miller School of Medicine. Beyond looking for new therapies, the research at Sylvester aims to address disparities in care for minority communities, support medically-underserved populations, identify ways to reduce risks for firefighters and other first responders, and promote preventative care habits, among its many initiatives.

What’s your story?

Your reason for participating in DCC XI is important for connecting with your supporters. Whether you’re participating in memory of a loved one, to honor someone currently dealing with cancer, to celebrate a survivor, or simply because the cause is important to you, let others know. Include a brief message to explain your reason for participating on your fundraising page and when you reach out for support. Customize your fundraising page by adding your story, images, videos, and links.

Pro tip: Get started today and be consistent. Done this before? Tap into your network of past donors to kindly ask if you can count on them again, and be sure to thank them for their generosity.

Make technology and social media work for you.

The new and improved fundraising system launched this year was created to make your outreach efforts seamless and easy. New features include the ability to receive donations via Apple Pay, PayPal, or Venmo when accessing the mobile version of your DCC fundraising page.

Tap into your social network(s).

Through the new system, you can now connect your DCC fundraising page to your personal Facebook page and accept donations directly from the platform by creating a fundraiser. Post about your goals on social media platforms—and invite your friends to participate and share it on your behalf. Share eye-catching photos and videos online and tag friends to ensure your network of supporters will learn about your fundraising campaign. When donors contribute to your cause, thank them publicly and quickly online. And keep your circle of supporters up-to-date on your progress to help keep the momentum going.

Go live.

Post your progress during the event on April 10 by sharing a photo or video at the start line, at rest stops throughout, and at the finish line. Share your enthusiasm leading up to event day by posting about your training session(s) and talk about your personal goals for the big day. 

Pro tip: Dedicate each mile or kilometer to someone important in your life or challenge your supporters to a mile-per-dollar match—get creative!

Sprinkle it in.

Whether it’s adding a link to your fundraising page in your email signature or sending a thoughtful text message to colleagues, family members, or friends inviting them to support you, a little effort can make a big difference toward your goal. No amount is too small, and you never know if someone is willing to support you until you ask. 

Pro tip: Download free DCC digital swag to show your pride. The online gallery, provided by the University Alumni team, includes smartwatch and phone wallpaper and Zoom background images.

Learn more fundraising tips from Josh Friedman, senior vice president for development and alumni relations.

Register now to participate with Team Hurricanes on Saturday, April 10. Contact DCC@miami.edu for more information about registration or employee incentives. Learn more at dolphinschallengecancer.com.