Make the most of the Well ’Canes Incentives Program

Make the most of the Well ’Canes Incentives Program

By Life@TheU

Make the most of the Well ’Canes Incentives Program

By Life@TheU
University benefits-eligible employees can access a variety of resources through the wellness plan that is designed to motivate workers to maintain proper health or improve their physical and mental well-being.

The University of Miami’s Well ’Canes Incentive Program is an annual, voluntary wellness initiative designed to motivate benefits-eligible employees to maintain or improve their well-being by offering a $300 cash incentive for the completion of qualifying activities to enrolled faculty and staff members. However, beyond the program’s monetary incentive, the portal offers a variety of educational resources to help begin a healthier journey. Here is how you can make the most of the Well ’Canes program.

Track your progress on your incentive summary.

Whether you are working from home or on campus, your commitment to being a healthy ’Cane is attainable. Review a list of some activities that can help you reach the 1,500 point goal as soon as possible, visit the Incentive Guide for more information and a complete list. Points are usually credited within 60 days of event attendance.

To get started: Complete the online Personal Health Assessment (PHA)250 points.

Once you’ve completed the PHA, you may begin participating in the other Well ’Canes activities to earn points. 

Participate in the Core ActivitiesYou must earn a minimum of 750 points in this category. 

Dolphins Challenge Cancer (DCC)500 points
The DCC, which provides critical philanthropic support to the University’s Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center, is a family-friendly team event with the option to run, walk, cycle, or even ride and participate virtually. Register with Team Hurricanes and participate in the DCC on April 10, 2021, for 500 points.

Walking ’CanesUp to 500 points
The Walking ’Canes challenge motivates University faculty and staff members to reach walking milestones during the course of a 14-week period. You will need to sync a selected mobile application or step-tracking device to your account. Learn more.
The last day to register for the challenge is Monday, Feb. 22.

Big Brothers Big Sisters300 points
Transform lives by becoming a school-to-work mentor in partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) of Miami. Through the program, University faculty and staff members have the opportunity to help juniors and seniors improve their chances of graduating from high school and successfully transitioning to college or a career. For more information, visit Volunteer at The U.
Recruitment begins in August.

Mindfulness workshop250 points
Complete the four-week workshop that will allow you to gain a basic understanding about mindfulness and how to incorporate it into your daily lives.
Complete the four-week workshop by Nov. 30.

Cerner Wellness Verified Stepsup to 300 points (starting June 2021)
Log into your Cerner Wellness account and follow the prompts to sync your step tracking application or device. Earn one point per 5,000 steps; maximum two points per day.
Complete entries by Nov. 30.

Annual Physical Exam or Well-Woman Exam200 points
Visit a UHealth or Aetna provider to receive your annual physical exam or well-woman exam. 
Obtain your physical exam or well-woman exam by October 31. 

Faculty and Staff Assistance Program’s Online WebinarsUp to 500 points
Attend a Faculty and Staff Assistance Program webinar; you must sign consent for points to be credited. An employee can earn 50 points for a 30-minute webinar (maximum four webinars and 200 points), and 100 points are awarded for one-hour webinars (maximum of three webinars and 300 points).
Participate by Oct. 31.

Wellness videos and quizzesup to 100 points
Participate in a monthly video posted in the portal and learn about motivation, optimism, stress relief, and much more. To earn points, you must complete the quiz after watching the video.
Complete by Nov. 30. 

Complete bonus activitiesYou may only earn a maximum of 500 points in this category.

Track your fruits, vegetable, exercise and weightup to 700 points
Log into your Cerner Wellness account and follow the prompts to log your daily fruit and vegetable intake, exercise, and weekly weight. 
Pro Tip: Log daily fruit and vegetable intake to earn maximum points in five months.
Complete by Nov. 30. 

Wellness workshopsup to 100 points
Log into your Cerner Wellness account to sign up for a workshop. Earn 50 points for each workshop completed.
Complete by Nov. 30. 

Personal retirement educational session100 points
Attend a personal retirement educational session with a TIAA or Fidelity representative. Learn more. 
Enter the date of your meeting by Nov. 30.

Flu shot50 points
On the Well ’Canes portal, under “Well ’Canes Incentive Summary” tab, click “Flu Shot,” enter the date you received your shot and check the box next to “Complete.’’
Complete by Nov. 30.

Meal prep with the Well ’Canes Meal Prep Planner.

If you’re looking to prepare a balanced weekly meal and need inspiration, the Well ’Canes Meal Planner is a new tool that has been integrated into the portal. Simply enter your preferred calorie range, choose the diet restrictions that fit your needs, and the system will then give you a daily plan. If you need inspiration to plan a social distanced or virtual meal with friends, the website also includes more than 600 dietician-recommended recipes. 

Get moving with a new exercise plan.

One recommendation that is on every expert’s list of dealing with stress is to stay active. Even when gym-time may be limited, there are still many ways to stay active at home and outside while practicing social distancing. From core, to fat burning, to joint-friendly fitness, you can use the Well ’Canes Exercise Planner to find more than a dozen weekly exercise plans, created by a team of professional trainers, to help you stay active.

Disclaimer: This program is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified medical health care professional prior to starting any new program or treatment or to receive answers for any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

For additional information, review the list of frequently asked questions. Or, contact HR-Total Rewards, your pay and benefits team, by completing the online inquiry form or calling 305-284-3004.