2021 graduating employee

Arlene Buchanan

What is your current role and department at UM?
I am a senior program coordinator in the International Arbitration LL.M. Program at the School of Law.

What degree will you be receiving at graduation?
I will be graduating with a Master of Science in higher education administration with a specialization in enrollment management.

How long have you been at the University?
More than 6 years.

What were some highlights of your time as a student and employee? 
As an employee of the law school, I understood the processes specific to our school.  As a student, I was taught how an organization operates at a grander scale. Being a student feels like being the heart of the institution. Having this perspective allows me to be a better student service practitioner and also understand institutional operations within a broader scope. I am a proud ’Cane employee and now a proud ’Cane graduate. Go ’Canes!

What is a favorite UM memory? 
It’s not so much a memory, but the overall experience. I received valuable advice, guidance, and education from distinguished faculty members, such as Dr. Patricia A. Whitely and Dr. Scott Ingold. Our program director, Dr. Carol-Anne Phekoo, has provided unparalleled support and taught me the importance of professional development. I am excited to apply my new knowledge while working with students so that they have a more meaningful and successful experience at the University of Miami.

Please share advice for employees looking to go back to school.
Do it! It won’t be easy, but I promise it will be worth it! Pursuing a Master of Science in higher education administration with a concentration in enrollment management was the perfect decision for my career. Providing stellar student services is rewarding work, and I wanted to elevate my knowledge and capabilities in the field of higher education. Since joining this renowned program, I’ve implemented student development theories by learning how to use “the four lenses” concept. Using theory in my practice has provided me with the insight on designing development programs to help students become more involved and connected with our institution and to help increase retention. I have also augmented my knowledge in enrollment management strategies by learning the quantitative details involved in complex enrollment models.

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