2021 graduating employee

Daniel Yanez

What is your current role and department at UM?
I am a senior director of development in the Division of Development and Alumni Relations.

What degree will you be receiving at graduation?
Doctor of Education in higher education leadership

How long have you been at the University?
June 2021 will mark six years working for the University of Miami.

What were some highlights of your time as a student and employee? 
The relationships I have built with my work colleagues, classmates, and professors are what I will remember most from this journey. The University of Miami is a special place filled with school spirit, history, tradition, but most importantly, incredible people.

What is a favorite UM memory? 
My wife would not be happy if I didn’t say when she and I met during our master’s degree program in the School of Architecture, but I will choose a more recent one. My favorite recent UM memory would be attending the Homecoming festivities in 2019 with my family. It was nice walking the campus with my wife and two daughters, enjoying food and drinks on the Lakeside Patio while mingling with alumni, then watching the “Boat Burning” and fireworks. It certainly made for a memorable evening. To this day, my 3- and 5-year-old still think I work and go to school with bounce houses permanently installed on Foote University Green.

Have you received any awards, honors, or special achievements? 
Raising millions of dollars for the University of Miami while completing a doctorate and raising a young family, all during a pandemic, is an achievement I am proud of. It was a huge undertaking and would not have been possible without the support and guidance of many.

Please share advice for employees looking to go back to school.
What are you waiting for? Do it. If you are strongly considering it, life and time are going to pass by no matter what. If you have the full support of your family and your supervisor, then it is a decision you will never regret. We should all be mindful of personal development and should strive to be lifelong learners.

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