2021 graduating employee

Nicole Alexandra Andujar

What is your current role and department at UM?
I work as a senior graphic designer for University Communications. I work with five other designers, our supervisor, and a project manager. I love my team

What degree will you be receiving at graduation?
I will be graduating with a Master of Fine Arts in interactive media from the School of Communication.

How long have you been at the University?
I started working as a contract employee in May 2015. I was hired full time in 2016, so overall, it’s going to be six years!

What were some highlights of your time as a student and employee? 
I really enjoyed getting to know the other students in my cohorts. Since I attended grad school part time, I have gotten to know three cohorts of students that have graduated. Staying in touch through the years has been great and knowing they are doing well in the field makes me happy.

What is a favorite UM memory? 
I received so much support from my coworkers, my boss, my family, and my advisor that helped me get through. I feel very happy about this accomplishment. Other great memories include going to the Wednesday market with my team to have lunch and spend time outside of the office. I miss that! And every time someone has a birthday, we always celebrate as a team. I am very happy to be part of such a tight-knit group of amazing professionals. I’ve always felt very valued and respected.

Please share advice for employees looking to go back to school.
Make sure you love what you’ll be studying because you’ll miss your free time. It is a sacrifice, but it’s so worth it. The opportunity that you get as a UM employee is beyond amazing! I’m very grateful!

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