Faculty, staff need to be prepared for hurricane season

Faculty, staff need to be prepared for hurricane season

By Life@TheU

Faculty, staff need to be prepared for hurricane season

By Life@TheU

There are many ways you can prepare for hurricane season. Learn more about the steps you can take to ensure you’re ready. 

Update personal and emergency contact information in Workday. 

Ensure that you receive timely messages from the University. Refer to this tip sheet for step-by-step instructions about updating your personal contact information, or click here to learn more about updating your emergency contacts. 

Enroll in direct deposit.

In the case of an emergency, such as a hurricane, direct deposit will help to avoid delay in processing or mailing payments. Get details about direct deposit and enroll here

Download benefits apps to your device. 

From health insurance cards to retirement investments, University of Miami partners have tools that provide easy access to important information. Learn the many ways you can access your benefits easily during an emergency. 

Purchase hurricane supplies now.

Your hurricane preparedness kit should include supplies to be self-sufficient for a minimum of three days per person. Save money while preparing by taking advantage of the 2021 South Florida Tax Holiday, which runs from May 28 to June 6. 

Access digital storage space for critical documents. 

As part of Fidelity benefits, University faculty and staff members can access up to 5GB of storage space for free on FidSafe, a secure online solution which allows users to collect and store critical documents, passwords, and contacts. iPhone users can download the app and upload and access their documents from their phone. Learn more.

Review information from the Office of Emergency Management.

The University’s emergency management team provides detailed information and tips regarding preparedness for hurricanes and other emergencies at home and at work. Visit prepare.miami.edu for more information and follow the University’s Emergency Notification Network (ENN) at facebook.com/UMiamiENN and twitter.com/UMiamiENN.

Create a personal preparedness plan. 

Through resources from the University's Office of Emergency Management and the State of Florida, you can learn more about storm surge planning zones, hurricane kit essentials, and emergency contacts to build your personal preparedness plan. 

Add the Emergency Management Network phone number (800-227-0354) to your mobile contacts

This ensures you are aware of key messages distributed via mobile devices.

Visit prepare.miami.edu for additional information on hurricane and emergency preparedness at the University of Miami.