Certificate program celebrates diversity

Colleagues who have successfully completed the University’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Certificate Program reflect on their experience as participants. Learn about the program’s impact and how you can get involved.
Certificate program celebrates diversity

Since launching in February 2022, over 400 leaders and staff are currently enrolled in the certificate program. Offered by the Office of Human Resources, the self-paced program, available to all faculty and staff members, curates learning opportunities to support a culture of belonging related to diverse ideas, topics, and people. With topics and events that engage a variety of interests and professional roles, there are opportunities for everyone to explore in the DEI Certificate Program. On average, grads invested 12.5 hours throughout the year to earn their certificate. Touri J. White Sr., program manager for the Miller School of Medicine, and Natalie Bixby, senior program manager for real estate development and urbanism for the School of Architecture, look back at their experience in the program.  Learn more about how you can register or check your progress .

Touri J. White Sr.

Touri J. White Sr.
Natalie Bixby

Natalie Bixby


Why did you decide to complete the DEI Certificate Program?

White: I decided to complete the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Certificate Program because I wanted to increase my knowledge of DEI concepts and frameworks; as well as become a more active ally to all members of historically minoritized groups.

Bixby: I was thrilled to complete the DEI Certificate program to help create a more inclusive environment within the School of Architecture and at the University. The programming was helpful to learn from experts, and to learn with peers here at the U.

In what ways has the program enhanced your experience as an employee?

White: The program raised awareness and supported a culture of belonging for faculty, staff, and students. I learned valuable tips and strategies that have real-world applications.  

Bixby: Participating in this program has helped me stand up to, and stand up for, those who need it most.

What was your favorite part of the program? 

White: I really enjoyed the  I Am A Filipino: And This Is How We Cook with Chef Nicole Ponseca . To have the opportunity to meet and interact with Nicole Ponseca and fellow colleagues in person culminated into a memorable experience. We learned how to make signature Filipino dishes and drinks, which were amazing. Learning more about the rich history of the Filipino culture, and connection to Spanish culture was enriching.  

The Interactive Theater session was also very informative, engaging, and relevant. I learned a lot from the actors through the various DEI scenarios on conflict resolution. Additionally, I felt seen and heard by the facilitators of the program. They created a safe space for all learners.    

Notably, the  Unconscious Bias session resonated the most with me because of the vignette on " The Look" by Procter & Gamble . They captured a small glimpse of a day in the life of Black males in this country. The content was relatable because my son and I have experienced what was portrayed, even as recently as a few days ago. 

Bixby: The Interactive Theater experience of the events was a great way to start applying the knowledge learned and to hear from colleagues about how they would apply it.

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