Linda Neider supports the University’s culture and community

An advocate for community, collaboration, and service, Linda Neider, professor and chair of the Department of Management in the Miami Herbert Business School, is awarded the 2022-23 James W. McLamore Outstanding Service Award.
Linda Neider leaning on wall

Linda Neider, professor and chair for the Department of Management in the University of Miami Patti and Allan Herbert Business School, was recognized for her extraordinary commitment to serve the community through service and leadership with the 2022–23 James W. McLamore Outstanding Service Award. 

Having served in various roles throughout the University during the past four decades, Neider has consistently supported the work and accomplishments of her colleagues and students. “Linda goes well beyond a department chair’s typical job description,” said Hari Natarajan, vice dean of business programs, at the school. “Her work has shaped the values, training, and policies that have supported and defined the department of management. She has also created systems and processes for the school and University that will stand long after her tenure is complete.” 

The first female chair of the Department of Management, Neider has held the position various times in more than two decades. She also has served as vice dean for internal university relations, vice dean for undergraduate business programs, vice dean for faculty affairs, co-director and co-creator of the M.S. in Technology Management, and director and founder of the M.S. Leadership program.

Neider has been an active member of the University of Miami Faculty Senate since she first became an assistant professor. She served on most of the 17 Senate’s standing committees and was elected first vice chair for five years. Neider was elected leader of the Faculty Senate, a position she held from 2019 to 2022. During her time as senate chair, she worked collaboratively with senior administration and the board of trustees to advocate for conditions to help faculty members manage the many hardships brought on by the pandemic. 

“The Faculty Senate has been a key governance mechanism for our faculty, and I was fortunate to observe and learn from a number of outstanding Senate leaders,” she noted. Adding that, throughout the decades, she has found great pleasure in meeting faculty members from other schools who started as colleagues and grew to become close friends. 

As part of her role in the classroom, Neider has received more than two dozen outstanding teaching awards, including the University of Miami Excellence in Teaching Award for her Organizational Behavior and Human (Capital) Resource classes in both graduate and undergraduate programs. 

When asked about her proudest moments at the University, Neider expressed great pride in supporting the growth and professional development of her colleagues and students. “One of the greatest joys in academia is supporting new scholars as they develop into major leaders in their field,” she said. 

“Linda takes a personal interest in the success of every student and faculty and staff member at the Miami Herbert Business School,” said Natarajan. “Whether it is celebrating a professional milestone or a personal one, she is always standing in support.”

The professor’s engagement and support extends to the South Florida community. An advocate for music education, Neider has held multiple roles with Young Patronesses of the Opera, a community organization that fundraises and supports scholarship and opera education. In addition, she is passionate about animal welfare, recently completing a close to eight-year term serving on the board of directors for the Humane Society of Greater Miami. She also has been a long-term supporter of Informed Families, which offers education, training, and support to parents, schools, and communities.

Presented by the University’s Faculty Senate, the James W. McLamore Outstanding Service Award recognizes individuals who go above and beyond their responsibilities to contribute to the University’s culture and community. 

The 2022–23 Faculty Senate Awards Ceremony will be held in person on Tuesday, April 11, at 5 p.m. Learn more about the awards ceremony.

This profile is part of the 2022-23 Faculty Senate Awards series recognizing all awardees.