Tuition remission benefits support employee-graduate

Ahead of receiving her master’s degree on Thursday, Demi Rafuls shared how tuition remission benefits helped to advance her education.
Tuition remission benefits support employee-graduate

University employees are among the thousands of students graduating this spring. Of which, many have elected to use tuition remission, an employee benefit that covers the full or partial cost of most credited undergraduate or graduate classes, to further their education and professional development.

Demi Rafuls, office manager in the Division of Student Affairs, walked across the commencement stage to receive a Master of Science in Leadership degree from the University of Miami Patti and Allan Herbert Business School.

Demi Rafuls

Why did you pursue a degree while working full time?

“I actually looked into this degree back in 2018 and planned to apply at the start of 2020. And we all saw how that year panned out. I didn't want to hold it off any longer, so in 2022 I enrolled in the one-year program full time. Now that I’ve completed the program, I feel transformed.”

Share a key takeaway you have learned during the experience as an employee-student.

“I learned to lean on others. I am very independent and don't like to accept help. However, working full time and electing to go to school full time as well, was difficult. I learned to ask for help at work and at home. My co-workers and my family supported me. I appreciated their help so much.”

 What would you tell University employees who are considering enrolling in a degree program?

“Timing is everything. The pandemic delayed my plans, but this was truly the best time for me to do it. If you're thinking about it, start now. Set up a meeting with an advisor, or talk to the people who know you best and run your ideas by them. You won't regret starting now, but you may regret starting later.”

Eligible University employees and their dependents have flexibility when pursuing a degree. While some opt to pursue a degree full time, others elect part-time schedules. 

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