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Commencement Profile: Dennis Lejardi

Becoming the Man of the Hour

Commencement Profile: Tracy Ehrlich

‘Part-Time Junior’ Sculpts Her Way to a B.F.A.

Do You Know Numbers?

Numbers and the Making of Us by Caleb Everett, professor and chair of the University of Miami's Anthropology Department, named a “Top 10 Science Book”

Music Power, Right On!

UM faculty and staff "closet musicians" take the stage to celebrate an unforgettable era.

Power of Faith

At the entrance of the University of Miami’s Sue and Leonard Miller Center for Contemporary Judaic Studies, a group of statues bring aspects of traditional Judaism to life.

American Caravan for Peace

A cohort of five religious leaders from Miami, including a rabbi and imam from the University of Miami, attended the American Peace Caravan in Morocco in October to promote peace and understanding.

University of Miami Student Will Always Remember this Veteran

Emi Kopke designed a special commemorative shirt that veteran John Seelie wore to Pearl Harbor anniversary.