What to expect during your next UHealth appointment

What to expect during your next UHealth appointment

By Life@TheU

What to expect during your next UHealth appointment

By Life@TheU
As UHealth—University of Miami Health System begins to increase appointments and elective surgeries, we’re sharing details about what patients can expect before their next in-person or virtual visit.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, many health care providers, including experts at UHealthUniversity of Miami Health System, ramped up telehealth to safely care for patients. While virtual appointments and check-ins have quickly become recognized as an alternative for some visits, in-person patient care is still necessary in some cases. Before making your next appointment, learn about the increased safety measures at UHealth facilities and what patients can expect before visiting.

 Increased protective measures

Dr. Dipen Parekh, chief clinical officer and interim chief operating officer for UHealth, reported that safety remains a top priority for the health system, allowing patients to receive the same preeminent care, only with enhanced measures in place. He explained what this might look like during your next visit.

  • Waiting rooms and elevators may be rearranged to limit the number of people on-site and promote physical distancing.
  • COVID-19 screening will be performed prior to in-person appointments.
  • Masks will be provided to patients upon arrival.
  • There is enhanced disinfecting in clinical areas.
  • Clinicians and doctors may wear clothing that can be washed daily—eliminating items like ties and lab coats.

Learn more about enhanced safety measures and expectations before your next appointment.

Visiting the Emergency Room

As the medical director of emergency medicine for UHealth, Dr. David Lang explained that the decrease of patients in ER waiting rooms is cause for concern. In emergency situations, those who elect to stay home, instead of seeking care, may be putting themselves at risk by not receiving the proper urgent medical care. Emergency rooms, like the one at UHealth Tower, have strict precautions to separate potential coronavirus patients from others. Read more from Dr. Lang about UHealth’s emergency care.

Telehealth for non-urgent eye care

Dr. Ranya G. Habash, who leads Bascom Palmer Eye Institute’s telehealth program, compared telemedicine to a pleasant FaceTime call with family. She recommends the service for immunocompromised patients or those who simply need to check in with their doctor. Are you curious about what happens before, during, and after a telehealth call with experts from Bascom Palmer? Dr. Habash shared details and next steps for making an appointment.

Ready to care for you

In preparation for future appointments, experts at UHealth have implemented many new guidelines to keep patients, employees, and visitors safe. Whether scheduling an in-person appointment at one of UHealth’s facilities or accessing expert providers through virtual visits, there are many ways you can prepare for your appointment. Stay up to date with the latest details regarding enhanced care.

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