New University initiative promotes a data fluent culture

Through the Data and Analytics Hub, the Office of Institutional Research and Strategic Analytics offers the University community access to internal and external data reporting and resources to support work and research goals.
New University initiative promotes a data fluent culture

Data is everywhere. Facts and statistics aggregated for reference or analysis are powerful pieces of information. When organized and contextualized, they can tell a story and provide insight, which can be activated and applied. 

At the University of Miami, the Office of Institutional Research and Strategic Analytics (IRSA) serves as the clearinghouse of student data, official University statistics, and strategic analytics for institutional decision-making and official external reporting. The team advocates for institutional data literacy—or the ability to understand what data to use and when to use it—by working collaboratively with University staff and faculty members to provide an objective, consistent, transparent, and holistic view of the data.

In 2023, IRSA launched the Data and Analytics Hub, a one-stop source for data, analytics, and reports that support data-driven decision-making. This interactive site is available only to University faculty and staff members and serves as the University's centralized data and analytics repository, where individuals can access various institutional data, reports, and information supporting data citizens—or anyone who defines, produces, or consumes University of Miami data. Additionally, the Data and Analytics Hub empowers strategic analytics and supports University policy development and improvement.

“As the University of Miami continues to confront new challenges with an innovation lens, data fluency can guide our decisions and serve as a map to advance knowledge on our campuses and in our communities,” said Dave Becher, associate provost, Office of Institutional Research and Strategic Analytics. “Our team is leading the initiative by creating and providing excellent resources and services to the University community to champion our work and research goals.”

Among the information available, faculty and staff members can access the new interactive Fact Book, which contains data like student admission and enrollment details, as well as faculty and staff head counts. This comprehensive Fact Book is also available to the general public via The dashboards replace the previously published PDF and allow for a more dynamic exploration of University information through filters and views of historical data and trends. Visit the Reporting tab of the Data and Analytics Hub to view all the dashboards and reports supported by the team.

View the 2022–23 Fact Finder.

“Building a data fluent culture requires time and the proper instruments,” added Becher. “These new tools will allow the University community to access data and information more efficiently while also giving us all the opportunity to contribute to the ‘Hub’ of knowledge that we are building.”

Through the interactive Data and Analytics Hub, the University community can leverage easy-to-use features, including quick start guides, forms, and troubleshooting capabilities to improve their confidence when interacting with and caring for University data. 

“The Data and Analytics Hub is an invaluable resource to better understand the impact of the work being done and to identify areas where we can excel,” said Jeffrey Duerk, executive vice president for Academic Affairs and provost. “As the University’s central source, the resources and support provided by the IRSA team continue to propel our strategic vision allowing us to remain laser-focused on our aspirations as we approach our centennial in 2025.”

Explore some of the most frequently used resources in the Data and Analytics Hub and discover how IRSA can support your work.

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