Compliance is everyone’s responsibility

An annual event, Compliance and Ethics Week helps raise awareness of compliance and risk-related topics, recognize ethical behavior, and reinforce institutional values and behaviors. Access resources, including the University’s confidential reporting tool and PolicyStat database, and take the time to update your profile on UDisclose, the University’s conflict of interest policy.
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Hosted by the University’s compliance services department, the annual Compliance and Ethics Week—held Nov. 6–10—aims to shine a light on Title IX protections. University community members are encouraged to register for the interactive session on Monday, Nov. 6, at 11 a.m. 

Facilitated by Maria Sevilla, deputy Title IX coordinator, the virtual session, “Preventing and Addressing Discrimination in the Workplace,” will focus on the importance of preventing discrimination in the workplace and addressing inappropriate behavior.

Fight fraud, report a concern.

A comprehensive and confidential reporting tool, the University Hotline is available to any individual who wishes to report a concern and remain anonymous. Reports can range from fraud, abuse, and misconduct related to University policies and procedures, to concerns about violations of irregularities or improprieties. 

The University Hotline should not be used for resolving workplace disagreements or addressing communication issues between employees and their managers. These kinds of concerns should be handled with an individual’s supervisor or with their HR Client Services representative.

Students—undergraduate, graduate, doctoral, and medical—may report concerns via the Student Affairs Dean of Students Office website or the Miller School of Medicine Graduate Studies website.

University employees who report an activity in good faith that may be in violation of a law, rule, or regulation are protected against retaliation by the University's Whistleblower Protection Statement.

Visit or call 877-415-4357 to make a Hotline report.

Locate up-to-date policies in PolicyStat.

PolicyStat is a central location for accessing University policies. Areas across the University use this database to publish and review official information about a variety of topics, including cost sharing, sponsored awards, invoicing and financial reporting, information security, purchase card and travel card guidelines, and the student rights and responsibilities handbook.

Visit to search for and review all University policies.

Keep your UDisclose profile up to date.

As outlined in the University’s Conflict of Interest, Conflict of Commitment, Foreign Influence, and Institutional Conflict of Interest Policy, University community members who are considered “covered persons,” as defined within the policy, are required to disclose personal details, including foreign affiliations, foreign income, monetary and non-monetary foreign support for scholarly activities, and whether they have participated in any outside scholarly activities with a foreign source. 

Visit to access your profile, which should be updated on an annual basis or within 30 days of any changes or acquisition of new interests. Get help with the UDisclose System.

Find support.

Explore available resources for confidentially reporting sexual misconduct, including an online form, or get in-person support through one of the University’s Title IX Coordinators. Also, you may anonymously report allegations related to these issues through the University Hotline. Questions can be sent via email to