Miami Magazine

Miami magazine captures the people, pride, innovations, and experiences that make the University of Miami one of the nation’s most ambitious and respected institutions of higher education. Each issue ignites the inherent connection among ’Canes, tapping into the expertise of our scientists, scholars, artists, and pioneers to help us better understand each other and the world around us.


Arts & Sciences

The College of Arts and Sciences publishes Arts & Sciences, a magazine covering the news, course spotlights, books, profiles and philanthropy at the College.


Heartbeat magazine is the official alumni publication of the School of Nursing and Health Studies. It is published bi-annually to highlight the achievements of our faculty, alumni and students.

Miami Law

Law builds on thousands of year of humankind's efforts to set standards and rules for working together. Yet it is ever-changing. Constantly evolving. Always new. Miami Law doesn't just keep pace. It sets it. Through its courses and discourses, its professors, students and alumni, Miami Law stands in the vanguard at the intersection of imagination, innovation, and impact.


Perspective is the School of Education and Human Development’s online e-newsletter.


The Frost School of Music is pleased to share with you Score Magazine, which has been in publication since 1992. It provides an annual overview of the major accomplishments of Frost’s alumni, faculty, and students across its various program areas.