Student Government ‘For U’ Ticket Wins

The "For U" ticket includes (l-r) Robert Renfro, treasurer; Brianna Hathaway, president; and Ishtpreet Singh, vice president.

By UM News

The "For U" ticket includes (l-r) Robert Renfro, treasurer; Brianna Hathaway, president; and Ishtpreet Singh, vice president.

Student Government ‘For U’ Ticket Wins

By UM News
Students Brianna Hathaway, Ishtpreet Singh, and Robert Renfro are members of the new executive board.

With a record-breaking number of votes cast in Student Government elections history, the “For U” ticket is the newly elected 2015-2016 executive board for Student Government at the 

University of Miami. 

Announced at 5:30 p.m. Wednesday on the Rock, a total of 2,934 students voted, compared to 1,951 last year.

Brianna Hathaway was elected president with 60 percent of the vote, Ishtpreet Singh was elected vice president with 60 percent, and Robert Renfro was elected treasurer with 58 percent. 

Before executive board elections, other announcements were made. 

A referendum to increase the student activities fee by $1 for Scientifica did not pass. According to Aqeel Khanani, SG elections chair, UM’s science magazine was disqualified because the required forms were not submitted by the Wednesday morning deadline. 

A hearing will be held Thursday night because Scientifica is appealing the decision, according to Khanani. If the disqualification is reversed at the appeal, then the voting results would be taken into effect. 

Students were also elected to be sworn into SG Senate next week. Bryon Hazzard and Manish Kuchakulla for the College of Arts and Sciences, Tomas Cacicedo for the College of Engineering, Zoe Kafkes for the School of Communication, Katie Thompson, Rachel Mesa and Candice Johnson for the commuters, and Kierin Mukerjee for the School of Business. 

As the “For U” candidates were announced, supporters were excited to find out the news. 

“It’s an incredible achievement for us all, and we couldn’t be happier to have been chosen as the next student leaders to implement new initiatives and positive change for the University community,” said Ishpreet Singh, vice president-elect. “Being elected by students to represent them in interactions and meetings with higher administration and official University capacity is an incredible honor.”

Treasurer-elect Robert Renfro shared similar sentiments. 

“I was very nervous up until the announcement,” he said. “My legs are still shaking and I’m really excited for next year.”

The other ticket on the ballot, “Upgrade,” consisted of juniors David Storch, Reem Najjar and George Spohor, who ran for the positions of president, vice president and treasurer, respectively. 

Storch says he plans on getting involved with SG to contribute making a difference on campus. 

“I think there’s still a lot of improvements to be made on campus,” he said. “However, ‘For U’ will make a difference and maximize the potential of our school. I’m very excited to see what they do with the school.”