Research on Public Health

By UM News

Research on Public Health

By UM News
Imani Williams is a Hammond Scholar who will be pursuing a Master’s in Public Health.

Imani Williams Imani Williams came to the University of Miami from the suburbs of Baltimore, Maryland.

A Hammond Scholar with a passion for writing and helping kids, she entered the School of Education and Human Development as a Human and Social Development major because the program combined her interests of psychology and non-profit work.

“I didn’t have a lot of expectations,” William said. “I was nervous starting school and being away from home. I kept to myself a lot.”

But Williams was soon noticed by her professors and peers.

“Two sociology professors saw my writing and they saw something in me. They encouraged me to look at grad school at a time when I had just about had enough of school. That encouragement was really important to me.”

She was encouraged to pursue a graduate degree in Public Health. Summer after her junior year, she conducted public health research at Johns Hopkins University. Her project focused on improving nutritional standards among faith-based congregations.

“I was doing lots of phone surveys and community visits. A professor took us out into the community and I learned about community gardens and other wellbeing initiatives,” she said.

Williams’ parents also encouraged their daughter’s pursuit of helping the community.

“I couldn’t get through my four years at UM without them,” Williams said.

Of her time at UM, Williams says she enjoyed widespread support from all of her professors too.

“If it wasn’t for people at UM, I wouldn’t be so encouraged to continue helping people to live a healthy lifestyle.”

Williams has been presented with the Award for Scholarship for the School of Education and Human Development, the school’s highest academic honor. After graduation, she is searching for a job with short-term service opportunities before pursuing a Master’s in Public Health.