Making News in Italy

By UM News

Making News in Italy

By UM News
The work of students in the Summer Studio in Italy is covered by the local media in Sicily.
Summer Studio in Italy

The urban design studio in Italy began in Rome with Professor Jaime Correa where students proposed renovations of seven different sites located in the historic core of the city.

These sites presented the studio with opportunities to build upon Rome’s legacy in design, building and space-making. By adding certain building types, street furniture, lighting, pavement, materials and new uses, the proposed designs improve the life and physical environment of the sites.

The sites included the Piazza Americo Capponi, Piazza di San Salvatore in Lauro, Largo Febo and Piazza Lancelloti. 

The studio then continued in Sicily taught by Professor Carmen Guerrero focusing on the smaller scale urbanism of the Val di Noto region where the students studied the unique structures and Sicilian Baroque language of the region. While in Sicily, the students’ work was covered in a story in the local newspaper and a local television station. They also met with the mayor of Ragusa, a city of 75,000 people and capital of the province of the same name. 

Documentation of the terraced towns was illustrated using watercolor paint, which enabled a greater understanding of light, space and volume. The students then selected seven different sites in the historic center of Ragusa to reconfigure. Ragusa is one of the eight cities in the Val di Noto region with UNESCO world heritage monument status.

The students hope to apply the space-making knowledge gained in this studio course to their future work.

Link to local Sicilian television coverage