Starting at the U

By UM News

Starting at the U

By UM News
The Julio Frenk era begins as the University of Miami’s sixth president takes the helm.

Julio Frenk, a physician, former dean at Harvard University, and the former minister of health for Mexico, steps into his new role today as the sixth president of the University of Miami.

He comes to the top-tier research university motivated to continue the institution’s “upward trajectory” and build upon its critical role of sharing knowledge, providing service, and preparing young people to succeed as global citizens.

“We are in an interconnected and interdependent world like never before in human history,” Frenk said. “We have reached a point where no country, no company, no university by itself can meet all the challenges that it is expected to without taking into account what happens in the rest of the world.”

One of Frenk’s first actions as president was sending a message to the UM community on Sunday, thanking everyone for the warm welcome he and his family have received, and expressing his excitement for the future. Throughout his first week he will participate in orientation activities, meet with student government leaders, and host the new student picnic on August 23.

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