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Election Night Takes Campus by Storm

The University of Miami hosted two watch parties on campus where students were encouraged to support their candidates as the election unfolded.
Election Night, Fieldhouse Watch Party
A student at the Fieldhouse watch party in patriotic spirit gear.

Two campus watch parties Tuesday night at the University of Miami provided students, faculty and staff an opportunity to learn, engage and observe the historic event resulting in the election of Donald J. Trump as the country’s next president.

Hundreds of students turned out at the Rathskeller for a festive evening featuring food and fun before the polls closed, and as results started filtering in. Hosted by the student organizations, Get Out the Vote, College Republicans and Young and College Democrats, along with the Division of Student Affairs, some dressed in costume and many sported competing signs.

ABC News and Telemundo broadcast live from the Rat.

Supporters of both Trump and Hillary Clinton roared with applause as results were slowly released throughout the evening. Students were adorned in red, white, and blue hats and shirts, with some taking part in their first election.

With signs held high, chants of “I Believe that SHE Will Win!” were offset by chants of “Make America Great Again!” into the late hours of the night. The atmosphere was electric.

Across campus at the Watsco Center Fieldhouse, nearly 300 students involved in the Election 2016 political science course engaged in mock votes and examined issues that were expected to impact the election’s outcome.

The party was hosted by political science associate professors Joseph Uscinski and Casey Klofstad.

In their discussions, the professors covered a broad range of topics including voter fraud, the 26th Amendment on voter rights, the I-4 corridor demographics in central Florida, and how the New Hampshire demographics have changed.

The College of Arts and Sciences offers the class every presidential election cycle to examine the election, candidates, and issues. The class also brings in guest speakers to address to the students. This year’s guests included Congressman Carlos Curbelo, Senate candidate Patrick Murphy, and Donald Trump advisor Roger Stone.

UM President Julio Frenk visited each watch party to talk with students and take in the scenes.

“Regardless of who you voted for,” Frenk told the political science students, “this is a celebration of democracy.”