Dreaming Big Pays Off

By Deserae E. del Campo

Dreaming Big Pays Off

By Deserae E. del Campo
From freshman year to graduation, Andrew Masciarella’s experience at the University of Miami was always authentic and inspirational.

Andrew Masciarella“When you graduate from the University of Miami, you graduate as a global citizen,” said Andrew Masciarella.

During his time at the University of Miami, Masciarella kept busy. Consider: College of Arts & Sciences Dean’s Ambassador, Ambassador for Spanish as a Global Language, Biological Sciences Workshop Leader and Peer Advisor, President’s Honor Roll, and Provost’s Honor Roll.

Masciarella is also one of seven students in his class to be invited to the prestigious University of Miami Medical Scholars Program – a seven-year B.S./M.D. program which grants him a seat at the Miller School of Medicine upon graduation of his undergraduate studies. Not to mention he was only a sophomore at the time of his early acceptance into medical school.

A first-generation college student from Lighthouse Point, a small community in Broward County, Masciarella knows how to dream big.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better college experience,” said Andrew. “It is amazing how eye-opening it has been. When I enrolled as an incoming freshman, my intention was to major in Biology and minor in Chemistry on a pre-med track. Little did I know that I would be obtaining two degrees and triple minors in fields that I would never have considered studying—and I did it all in four years,” he said.

Masciarella graduated in May with a B.S. in Biological Sciences, a B.A. in Spanish and three minors in Chemistry, Architecture and Psychology.

“I am forever indebted to my parents,” he said. “I’m very close to my family. With the exposure to my father’s business from a very young age, I was taught the importance of family, hard work, and education. These teachings molded me into who I am today and provided me a strong foundation for success in college.”

Along with his parents, Masciarella said others at UM had a significant impact on his educational experience, including Isaac Skromne, assistant professor of biology; lecturer and Spanish teacher Maidelin Rodriguez; Katherine Wheeler, associate professor in architecture; and Maria Stampino, senior associate dean in the College of Arts and Sciences.

“UM has allowed me to take flight and embrace my dream,” said Masciarella. “The question is no longer what will I be, rather it is what will I do. Thanks to this educational experience, I was able to find my passion for architecture, psychology, and the Spanish language. I am looking forward to serving the Miami community as a physician whose blood runs orange and green.”