’Canes love comfort food

Danielle Clayton and Sofia Mesa enjoy lunch at Hecht/Stanford Dining Hall. Photos: Mike Montero/University of Miami

By Ashley A. Williams

Danielle Clayton and Sofia Mesa enjoy lunch at Hecht/Stanford Dining Hall. Photos: Mike Montero/University of Miami

’Canes love comfort food

By Ashley A. Williams
Fresh off fall break, News@TheU catches up with students to learn what foods make them feel at home.

Miami’s food scene is just as culturally diverse as the people living in the city. Croquetas, stone crabs, vaca frita, conch, and cinnamon rolls are just a few culinary staples Miami is known for. The University of Miami is home to thousands of students who are living away from home – some for the very first time. Some are still getting acclimated to the city and haven’t found their go-to spot for their favorite nostalgic meal, also known as comfort food. Yet.  

Here’s what some students told News@TheU about the foods that make them feel most at home.

Mike Bailey, first year law school student:

Mike BaileyYou’d think Miami would be able to satisfy this young man’s cherished comfort food as it is home to thousands of Caribbean restaurants. But no matter the abundance of them – none of them will ever be quite like his mom’s. “I’m sure there are good stew peas out there, but they are not the way my mom makes it,” said Bailey, who is from Tampa Bay. Authentic Jamaican stew peas is a hearty recipe with kidney beans cooked in coconut milk with herbs, spices, and dumplings.



Mary Balise, senior double majoring in studio art and psychology:

Mary BeliseOriginally from San Francisco, Belise has been in Miami now for five years. But no matter how long she’s been away, she’ll never forget where she comes from or her favorite miso soup from this “tiny Japanese place” – and neither will they, as they know her on a first-name basis. “I would always go there after school and my parents would always take us there when my grandparents were in town,” she said. “They serve the best miso soup and even here in Miami, I always seek out miso soup. I have grown to love Moshi Moshi’s miso soup on Coral Way.”

Bella Brickele, senior sports administration major:

Bella BrickeleBrickele, a Rhode Island native, is of Italian descent. What she misses most about being home is her grandmother’s big Italian Sunday dinner and her dad’s fried matzo, his go-to specialty dish that he makes for breakfast on weekends only. “I’m still in a family group chat and I still receive his text message letting my siblings and I know when to come downstairs because they are ready,” she said.




Roman Sanchez, freshman business management major:

Roman SanchezSince Sanchez has been in Miami, he has steered clear of pizza entirely fearing that nothing will compare to his favorite deep dish from back home in Chicago. “I love Lou Malnatis’ deep dish cheese pizza, it’s literally the best thing on earth and I miss it so much,” he said.






Sofia Mesa, freshman double majoring in English and ecosystem science and policy:

Sofia MesaThis Miami native knows a thing or two about Cuban cuisine. We caught up with her while eating lunch at the Hecht/Stanford Dining Hall. “My most favorite is rice and beans,” Mesa said. “I’m so happy that I can get it from Pollo Tropical but my favorite is the congrithat my mom or grandmother makes.” Congriis a traditional Cuban dish that includes rice and black beans cooked together.




Danielle Clayton, freshman political science major:

Danielle ClaytonClayton hails from Maryland. The food she misses most from home can’t be found in her own kitchen, but rather at Masseria in D.C.’s Union Market. “They make this handcrafted pasta and everything is made from scratch,” Clayton said. “I miss that place the most.”






Akshay Kumbar, freshman marketing major:

Akshay Kumbar“I’m Indian so of course, I miss my parents’ traditional cooking a lot,” Kumbar said. Back in his hometown of Long Island, New York, he says traditional Indian spots can be found on almost every corner. “I’m a naan and tandoori kind of guy and I haven’t been able to find a place quite like those places here just yet.”