What’s on your playlist?

Hari Pradhyumnan's favorite genre of the moment is alternative rock. Photos: Mike Montero/University of Miami

By Ashley A. Williams

Hari Pradhyumnan's favorite genre of the moment is alternative rock. Photos: Mike Montero/University of Miami

What’s on your playlist?

By Ashley A. Williams
'Canes share their favorite music obsessions.

With the start of fall semester, at any given moment you’re bound to find a student making their way across campus with some type of headphones attached to their ears.

We asked some ’Canes about their go-to songs that help them through a study session, give them a confidence boost before an exam, energize them for a workout at the Patti and Allan Herbert Wellness Center, or clear their minds.

Nathan VanHerp

Nathan VanHerpAs WVUM music director Nathan VanHerp mixed a radio show, we peeked into the studio to get a first-hand look of the playlist of the hour.

“There’s a lot that’s hot right now,” said VanHerp, an audio engineering major. “I listen to a lot of old music. But this song playing right now is by Ross From Friends. It’s brand new – just came out last weekend.”

The upstate New Yorker credits the internet and streaming services for Millennials having such great musical taste. Anyone can have any artists’ or bands’ entire catalog at their fingertips with one Google search, and it’s important that he keeps up.

“Personally, I’ve been listening to a lot of Vampire Weekend and Wise Blood,” VanHerp said.

Kristy Mulet

Kristy MuletA first-year student from Miami, Mulet said when she’s studying she searches YouTube for “two hours of soft music piano for concentration.”

“It helps me, honestly,” said the neuroscience major, who spent her morning studying for a chemistry exam with snacks, textbooks, and highlighters sprawled out on a table at the Moss Terrace on the third floor of the Shalala Student Center.

Mulet shared her favorite artist of all-time is rapper Russ.

“I think his music is very relatable to me,” she said.

Hari Pradhyumnan

Hari Pradhyumnan“My favorite genre at the moment is alt-rock,” said Pradhyumnan, a Chicago native who later moved to Boca Raton.

As he sat on the second floor of the Shalala Student Center, the neuroscience major shared: “I literally listen to everything. The way I listen to music is I tend to change to a different genre every two weeks. My playlist literally goes from pop to country, from J. Cole to Frank Sinatra.”

Emily Mendoza and Gabriella Olivares

Emily Mendoza and Gabriella OlivaresWe caught up with first-year students Emily Mendoza and Gabriella Olivares while they were taking a study break in the student organizations suite.

“I listen to a lot of things—from country to rap to Spanish music,” said Mendoza. “At this moment, I’m listening to a lot of Bad Bunni because he’s trendy right now.” Her all-time favorite music artist is up-and-coming rapper Lil’ Baby.

“I’m listening to a lot of Spanish music right now, but my favorite artist right now is Ariana Grande,” said Olivares. “She hasn’t always been my favorite, but I’ve always liked her music because she has a really nice voice. Her songs are always on the radio, so you hear them all the time and they’re so catchy. I really like her song called ‘NASA.’”

Mikayla Telasco

Mikayla TelascoWe caught up with Telasco, a graduating third-year student, as she was on the shuttle heading to campus for class. With Apple AirPods in her ears, she was jamming to Young Thug’s latest studio album, “So Much Fun.”

“I currently have the song ‘Hot’ featuring Gunna on repeat,” said Telasco. “I really enjoy listening to his music—it’s what all the kids are listening to nowadays and I like to stay hip and fun to keep up.”

Bhargavi Pochi

Bhargavi PochiPochi, a junior from Miami loves her some Fleetwood Mac.

“Seventies music gets me going”, said Pochi, a junior from Miami. “I love Led Zeppelin. I love The Beatles.”

She’s also up-to-the-minute with her music sense too.

“I like to listen to Passion Pit and Arcade Fire, and I just went to my first concert this weekend—it was Vampire Weekend,” she said excitedly.