University cinephiles offer their Oscar predictions

By Amanda M. Perez

University cinephiles offer their Oscar predictions

By Amanda M. Perez
A University of Miami student and staff member, both movie buffs, share their opinions on who they think will win an Oscar during Sunday’s Academy Awards.

The new year got off to a busy start in the entertainment world with the Golden Globe Awards, setting the stage for the biggest night in the awards show season—the Academy Awards. Since nominations went out last month, many people have been making predictions of who they think will take home Oscar trophies on Sunday night.

All eyes are on who will capture a win for highly anticipated categories including Best Motion Picture of the Year. Trae DeLellis, manager of programs at the Bill Cosford Cinema, hopes the South Korean “Parasite,” which in addition to best picture has garnered nods for Best Director, Best Original Screenplay, and Best International Feature Film, will win—even though he thinks it is unlikely because it is a foreign film.

“To me, ‘Parasite’ was a standout film. It was surprising when it got nominated in the category because the Oscars are traditionally conservative, and they tend to award within their community,” DeLellis said.

Sterling Corum, president of Delta Kappa Alpha, the Cinematic Arts Fraternity at the University, also was surprised with the various nominations “Parasite” received. She hopes it encourages people to start watching foreign films. Although she enjoyed “Parasite,” Corum believes “1917,” the World War I film directed by Oscar-winner Sam Mendes (also nominated) will take home the Oscar for Best Picture.

“The editing and cinematography are nothing I’ve ever seen before, and I think it deserves a lot of recognition,” she added. “It essentially takes the viewer inside the screen and makes you feel like you are in war with the characters. It’s amazing.”

This year the movie “The Joker” received the most nominations, totaling 11 in all. Both DeLellis and Corum agree that Joaquin Phoenix will win the Oscar for the Best Actor in a Leading Role.

“Joaquin has been getting a lot of recognition already. I’ve heard he had to dig into an emotional state to achieve this role. It’s a pretty iconic character he is portraying,” Corum said.

DeLellis predicts the Oscar for the Best Actress in a Leading Role will go to Renée Zellweger for her portrayal of the beloved screen legend in “Judy.”

“It’s a film about Hollywood and Judy Garland. If you think about it, Renée had disappeared from Hollywood, and I would think the academy would love her comeback story into the industry,” said DeLellis.

As for Corum, she hopes the award will go to Saoirse Ronan for the film “Little Women.”

“I wish I could watch this film once a week for the rest of my life,” she said. “This movie is incredible. Saoirse does an amazing job of being a bold and uncaring female character. I don’t think there’s another actress who could have played this role better than her.”

Netflix dominated with 24 Oscar nominations across categories this year—a first for the service—including two best picture nods for “The Irishman” and “Marriage Story.” But many in the industry question what the streaming giant’s impact will be in the future.

“You have to remember that the academy is not only made up of filmmakers and actors. There are also people who work in distribution and marketing,” said DeLellis. “Even though Netflix has a lot of nominations, I don’t see them winning too many major awards because I think Hollywood in general still doesn’t think they’re playing by the rules.”

Although there are mixed feelings about Netflix being nominated, there is no doubt the streaming service is making films in the running for an Oscar more accessible. The University of Miami’s Bill Cosford Cinema is also making it easier for people in the community to watch Oscar-nominated short films, as well. Since January, the theater has been airing the short films, a tradition they do each year at the theater, DeLellis said.

“Students should take advantage if you’re interested in seeing unique films. I wish I had this resource when I was in college,” he said.

Corum, who is a junior studying motion pictures, is thankful to have the Cosford Cinema on campus.

“It’s a gem because you can get a chance to see something that you wouldn’t normally see in a big theater,’’ she said. “It’s a great opportunity to explore more genres and learn more about different filmmakers. It’s really special, and I don’t think a lot of places have access to this kind of community jewel.”

 Visit here for more information on screenings of short films at the Bill Cosford Cinema.