Hurricane Productions board to present first hybrid concert

Hurricane Productions presents "Vibestream 2020" with Bryce Vine.
By Ashley A. Williams

Hurricane Productions presents "Vibestream 2020" with Bryce Vine.

Hurricane Productions board to present first hybrid concert

By Ashley A. Williams
“Vibestream 2020” is an in-person and virtual musical performance for the University of Miami community that will feature rapper and singer Bryce Vine.

The future of concerts is here after months of live music events around the country were put on hold in an effort to slow the spread of the coronavirus. Next week, the University of Miami’s Hurricane Productions (HP) Concerts committee and the Department of Student Activities and Student Organizations (SASO) will host “Vibestream 2020: Virtual Concert Experience.”

A virtual performance by rapper and singer Bryce Vine will take place on the Intramural Fields near Stanford Residential College and will be simultaneously streamed online exclusively for University students, faculty, and staff to enjoy from the comfort of their homes. Vine’s music is known for its blend of pop, rap, and alternative rock. 

Michelle Marino, chair of HP Concerts, is tremendously enthusiastic about providing a concert experience for all students, regardless of location. 

“After we saw the Countdown to Kickoff event with Category 5 and the Division of Student Affairs, after seeing the watch parties, we thought ‘we can do this and we can do it in a safe way,’ ” said Marino, a senior who majors in public relations and electronic media. 

Typically, the timeline for planning the fall concert event begins in May, with the concert scheduled to take place in November during Homecoming and Alumni Weekend celebrations. This year, Marino and her team members had to ramp up their efforts in a shorter time span, once student organizations were given the approval to plan outdoor events.

HP Concerts has never done something like this, according to Marino. “We wanted to make it fun and chill, a place for people to de-stress," she said.

Faculty and staff members are being encouraged to register for the virtual at-home experience. Similar to other outdoor events that have  been held this semester, students will be able to sit together on the intramural fields, with up to four students allowed in each large ring to maintain physical distancing. Facial coverings will be required. ’Cane Cards and registration confirmation will be necessary for entry to the fields on the day of the show. 

“It’s going to feel like an outdoor festival, with big screens and lights,” Marino said.

Joshua Brandfon, SASO senior director, and Nikki Williamson, associate director of SASO, assisted the HP Concerts executive board as they organized the innovate hybrid event. 

“Our role is to support the students in every way we can,” said Williamson. “This is new for HP Concerts, but they found it really important to ensure that everybody, no matter their location, could be a part of the show.”

In the past, the HP Concerts group has hosted virtual events and in-person events, but never simultaneously. To ensure that everything goes off without a hitch, Williamson said there will be a virtual production crew and an in-person production crew.

“They have been amazing this semester with going back to the drawing board and finding a way to be creative and innovative to do something for the community,” said Williamson, whose team is collaborating with more than 10 departments for this event.

“There’s been a lot of uncertainty this semester,” said Brandfon. “It’s required them to be extremely flexible and really dedicated to what they’re doing. They found a new way to create an engaging campus culture, to provide opportunities for students to get together and meet other people.” 

Due to inclement weather, the in-person concert and virtual experience was moved from Saturday, Nov. 7, to Thursday, Nov. 12. For updates, follow HP Concerts @hp_concerts on Instagram.