Work, travel top the list of students’ summer plans

From left: Franco Terrero, Mia Alexander, Johnny Brown, and Julia Nevins. Photos: Jenny Hudak/University of Miami
By Ashley A. Williams and Jenny Hudak

From left: Franco Terrero, Mia Alexander, Johnny Brown, and Julia Nevins. Photos: Jenny Hudak/University of Miami

Work, travel top the list of students’ summer plans

By Ashley A. Williams and Jenny Hudak
With the Spring 2022 semester ending soon, students on the Coral Gables Campus are planning their summertime. Whether it’s working, traveling, or relaxing, find out what they will be up to during their time off from classes.

With the spring semester coming to a close, students at the University of Miami are heading all over the globe for the summer, whether to work, travel, relax, or play. Here’s what some students will be doing while they are away from campus.

Paul AnderssonLithuania native Paulis Andersson, a student in the artist diploma in keyboard performance at the Frost School of Music, will be spending his summer playing gigs all over the world. 

“My plans are to go back home and get a work visa to travel between Europe and North America to play a bunch of solo shows,” said Andersson, who is a classically trained pianist.

Julia NevinsJulia Nevins, a first-year student from New Jersey who is majoring in psychology and criminology, will be spending her summer working as a day-camp counselor. 

“I will be in charge of a group of 11-year-old girls for the whole summer,” said Nevins. “I’ll be taking them around the camp to their different activities and teaching them different sports.” 

Before she heads home to begin working, she’ll be taking an international trip to usher in the summer. 

“I’m going on a two-and-a-half-week trip to Israel,” she exclaimed.

Anna CohenAnna Cohen, a political science major from Connecticut, will be spending her summer working and gaining first-hand experience. 

“I’m planning to work as a server and also intern with a local politician, John-Michael Parker, a state representative. This will be my second time interning for him, and I’ve learned so much,” said Cohen. “I like to contribute to politics, but I don't think I’ll be a politician—but maybe I’ll be a campaign manager one day.”

Johnny BrownJohnny Brown, a Chicago native, is a junior and an audio engineer major. This summer, he has plans to intern at Texas Instruments. 

“I’ll be interning in their audio department, and I’ll be working with systems. I’ll also get to bounce around to different departments to gain experience among professional engineers,” said Brown.

Mia AlexanderHawaii native Mia Alexander is a first-year student studying psychology. She said she was led to apply and ultimately attend the University because it's “the closest thing to Hawaii” in terms of weather and vibes. This summer, she plans to visit family up north on the mainland before heading back home to Oahu to visit more family and take care of her new puppy. 

“I just got a French bulldog. So, I’m planning to take him to training classes, and I’ll be spending time with family doing things we love like going to the beach and farmers’ markets,” she said.

Franco TerreroThis summer, Franco Terrero will be swapping his sweatpants for scrubs. The senior, who lives in Miami, is studying neuroscience and public health and plans on using his summer to prepare for the next steps of his medical career by studying for the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) and working several jobs. 

“I’ll be working as a medical assistant at a clinic, a research assistant at a neuroscience laboratory, and as a public health assistant for a nonprofit,” Terrero said. Besides studying and working, he plans on using his weekends to take some quick trips to Chicago, Denver, and California.