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Latest information on Tropical Storm Nicole

The University of Miami is closely monitoring Tropical Storm Nicole and providing information as needed.

Tropical Storm Nicole – ADVISORY 3
Wednesday, Nov. 9, 1 p.m.

The University of Miami continues to closely monitor the progress of Tropical Storm Nicole, with maximum winds of 70 mph and currently located approximately 200 miles east-northeast of Miami.

Nicole is beginning to impact the Florida coast. Intermittent rain bands, localized flooding, and gusty winds are expected to continue throughout Wednesday and the early morning hours of Thursday.  

Given the storm’s projected path and more significant impacts occurring north of Miami-Dade County, below is an update on classes and campus operations for Thursday:

Coral Gables and Marine campuses:

  • Will resume normal operations, including regular academic delivery, on Thursday and we continue to encourage supervisors to remain flexible, where possible. 

Medical Campus & UHealth:  

  • Detailed information for the Miller School of Medicine and UHealth will be sent in a separate communication later today. 

The University community should allow extra time while traveling to and from campuses today and tomorrow and exercise caution while on the roadways or if outside. 

Should there be any substantial changes with the trajectory of the storm, or more significant impacts for Miami-Dade, then additional updates will be provided via the Emergency Notification Network (ENN). Intermittent updates will also continue to be shared via Emergency Management social media accounts and

This is expected to be the final University communication issued for Tropical Storm Nicole.

Tropical Storm Nicole – ADVISORY 2
Tuesday, Nov. 8, 12 p.m.

The safety of our community is a top priority. The University of Miami is sharing the following information regarding classes and campus operations tomorrow based on the current track of Tropical Storm Nicole and the latest update from the National Hurricane Center: 

Coral Gables and Marine campuses:

  • Effective 12 a.m. (midnight) Wednesday and continuing throughout the rest of the day, all classes on the Coral Gables and Marine campuses will move to remote format. Faculty should immediately convey to students how to access the course remotely, or any alternative academic continuity plans.
  • Staff should follow the direction of their supervisor regarding whether to report to campus or work remotely on Wednesday.
  • The following locations on the Coral Gables Campus will be closed by 12 a.m. Wednesday and remain closed through the day:
    • Campus Store
    • Herbert Wellness Center
    • Hurricane Food Court
    • Shalala Student Center and Student Center Complex
    • University Libraries
  • All on campus events on Wednesday are cancelled.
  • Dining halls will remain open.
  • Athletics will continue normal schedules.

Medical Campus & UHealth:

  • Beginning at 12 a.m. Wednesday and continuing throughout the rest of the day, Miller School of Medicine preclinical Phase 1 classes will move to remote format. Phase 2 and 3 medical students will remain on their regular clinical rotation schedules.
  • A more detailed update regarding clinical operations will be issued by UHealth later today.

The University community should continue to follow Emergency Management social media accounts and for ongoing updates.

Subtropical Storm Nicole – ADVISORY 1
Monday, Nov. 7, 12 p.m.

The University of Miami is monitoring Subtropical Storm Nicole which has maximum winds of 45 mph and is currently located approximately 650 miles east of Miami-Dade County. Ensuring the University community is both safe and informed are top priorities as we continue to monitor the storm.

At this time all campuses, classes, events, and clinical activities are operating on a regular schedule.

Nicole is expected to gradually strengthen over the next few days and approach the Florida peninsula mid-week. Some local impacts could be felt as early as Tuesday. As of the 10 a.m. advisory, Miami-Dade County has been put under a tropical storm watch and there is a 40-50 percent chance of Miami-Dade experiencing tropical storm force winds. It is likely that South Florida will experience intermittent bands of heavy rainfall and gusty winds later Tuesday through Thursday. However, the strongest winds from the storm are expected to remain north of our area.

University of Miami Emergency Management will continue to actively monitor and assess the situation over the coming days.

The University community is urged to monitor Emergency Management social media accounts and for interim updates.

General Emergency Preparedness Information

Students, Faculty, and Staff are encouraged to review the general emergency preparedness steps below:

  • Emergency Alerts: Verify that your personal and emergency contact information is up to date in CaneLink or Workday. Continue to monitor official communications issued by the University. When a situation warrants, the University will issue emergency information via mass text, voice messages, and emails. The latest critical information is also posted on the UM homepage.
  • Ensure you have an emergency kit with essential supplies you would need for a minimum of 72 hours after a disaster.
  • Supervisors and unit emergency planners should confirm their unit’s continuity plan is up-to-date in the UReady Continuity Planning System.
  • Each unit’s human resources partner can use the “UM Emergency Contact Information” Report in Workday to provide management with the latest contact information for all employees in the unit. Printed copies of this report should be maintained by managers and a copy uploaded into UReady.
  • Faculty members should ensure their course academic continuity plan is in place, which would typically include the potential for a period of online instruction, alternative methods for access to course materials, and assignments.
  • Additional information on hurricane preparedness can be found on the UM Hurricane Preparedness website.