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Architecture studio course reimagines South Miami

Students enrolled in the urban design class presented proposals that would revitalize a city of South Miami complex and its surrounding areas.
South Miami architecture
School of Archtecture students designed proposals to redesign the area around the city hall in the City of South Miami. Photos: Courtesy of the School of Architecture

As part of their fall semester coursework, professor Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk challenged her students enrolled in the School of Architecture course, Introduction to Urban Design Studio, to reimagine the heart of South Miami. 

With both graduate and undergraduate students on board, the focus was on revitalizing the City Hall and its surroundings. Students crafted proposals that aimed to transform the area into a vibrant civic center. On Nov. 2, their ideas came to life as they presented plans and perspective drawings to Mayor Javier E. Fernandez and City Manager Chip Iglesias. 

The proposals, emphasizing a mix of uses to benefit residents and businesses, garnered positive feedback and sparked engaging discussions. Although part of an academic exercise, the students’ projects may become catalysts for change, adding to the groundwork for future transformation of South Miami’s civic center. 

Fernandez and Iglesias also reviewed the work of lecturer Haleh Moghaddasi’s studio, focused on net-zero design proposals for the new South Miami City Hall. The convergence of traditional urban design and sustainable building plans resonated with leaders, reinforcing the city’s commitment as a pedestrian friendly, green metropolis.

South Miami architecture