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Cybersecurity and you

The University of Miami, with the help of all employees and faculty members, is working diligently to safeguard information and protect the University from cyberattacks.

On Monday, University of Miami President Julio Frenk sent a message to the University community outlining efforts underway to enhance and upgrade cybersecurity efforts to protect and safeguard data and systems throughout the institution.

The initiatives, underway for the past several years, are anchored in established best practices with the goal of real-time identification of cyberthreats and response to an ever shifting and evolving landscape of cyberattacks.

“Cybersecurity is vital to the way we serve our students, patients, and employees, and necessary to protect the work of our faculty, researchers, and clinicians,” Frenk said. “In today’s environment, cybersecurity is not optional, it is paramount to protecting those we serve.”

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Frenk said that in the coming days and weeks he will meet with faculty leaders and administrators to discuss the cybersecurity measures. He will be joined by Guillermo “Willy” Prado, interim executive vice president for academic affairs and provost; David Reis, chief information and digital officer; and Alison Mincey, chief human resources officer.

“Every member of the University of Miami community has a key role to play in helping protect and safeguard our systems and data,” Reis said in an interview Tuesday. “By following cybersecurity best practices, we can—together—create a safer digital environment for the University.” 

Reis noted that cyberattacks can disrupt operations, impact teaching, research and patient care. “By safeguarding against attacks,” he said, “we can help ensure uninterrupted services for students, patients, faculty, and staff.”

In his message, Frenk noted that in meetings this month, both the University’s Board of Trustees and the UHealth Board of Directors urged the administration to take strong steps to combat cyberthreats. The UHealth board passed a resolution to that effect last Friday.

“It is imperative that all members of our community understand their role in maintaining the security and integrity of our data and are fully committed to upholding all cybersecurity protocols and best practices,” the resolution states.