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Building relationships through business education

Kyle Pearson's journey through the Miami Herbert Business School exemplifies how a vibrant educational environment can shape a student's aspirations and career trajectory.
Kyle Pearson
Kyle Pearson will graduate from the Miami Herbert Business School with a major in finance and a minor in economics.

From his initial attraction to the University of Miami’s unique blend of academic and social opportunities, enhanced by the sunny settings of Miami, Kyle Pearson embarked on a path rich in learning and personal growth. 

While at the University of Miami Patti and Allan Herbert Business School, he not only deepened his knowledge but also immersed himself in diverse cultures and built a network of lasting relationships. 

His story reveals how the University has served as a crucial catalyst for his professional ambitions and personal development. 

Read about his experiences at the University and what lies ahead.

Where are you from originally, and what is your major? 

I am from Stamford, Connecticut, and a major in finance with a minor in economics. 

Why this major? How’d you get interested in the topic? 

From a young age, I knew I wanted to work in financial services. During high school, I read books like “The Big Short” and “Liar’s Poker” by Michael Lewis, which sparked my interest for the industry. From further exploring, I became drawn to the high-stakes nature of finance and the intelligence of those who work in it. When I arrived at the University of Miami, I knew that studying finance was the right choice for me. 

What attracted you to the University? 

When I visited the University of Miami, I enjoyed the idea of being able to study, exercise, spend time with friends, and drink my morning coffee all outdoors. Candidly, I also never enjoyed being pale. The warm weather made me happy. That is why I chose to attend school here. 

What kept you here?  

I decided to come to the University of Miami in the months prior to COVID-19. As it turned out, the pandemic acted as a catalyst in establishing Miami as an international financial hub—“Wall Street South”—some call it. Being so close to the city of Miami offered me countless opportunities to network with finance professionals, learn from local events and conferences, and intern in the industry I always dreamt of working in. These experiences reinforced my belief that I made the right choice in attending the U.   

Involvements while at the University? 

While at UM, I prioritized balancing my time between professional, social, and athletic activities. Following my freshman year, I had my first experience on Wall Street as a summer analyst at Blue Owl Capital in midtown Manhattan. During my sophomore year, I was selected as a Bermont-Carlin Scholar and was fortunate enough to be included in the group’s annual trip to New York City to meet with leading investment banks and asset managers. Building off the knowledge I gained through these experiences, I co-founded and served as president of the Alternative Investment Group at UM, focusing on the private equity, hedge fund, private credit, real assets, and venture capital investment industries. 

Outside of the classroom, I served as vice president of finance of my social fraternity, where I met and led over 100 motivated and inspiring young men from across the world. It was this support system that inspired me to run my first of three marathons in Chicago during my sophomore fall. My most rewarding experience, although, came during my senior year when I became involved with Best Buddies and UM’s annual “Fun Day” event. 

How did the University help you to identify a career choice or path? 

Although I knew that I wanted to work in the financial services industry, it was my connections within the community of finance students and faculty at Miami Herbert Business School that helped me to establish that I wanted to focus my career on banking and private equity. The Bermont-Carlin trip to New York City during my sophomore year exposed me to various job functions in the investment industry. Further, my countless (and usually unscheduled) meetings with associate dean Mark Shapiro helped steer me toward the career path best for me and provided me with the resources I needed to be successful.   

How has the University prepared you for the future? 

UM has equipped me for the future by fostering my ability to engage and build relationships with a diverse array of individuals from various backgrounds and life experiences. The University of Miami student body, as well as the city itself, is much more diverse than Fairfield County, Connecticut. I'm thankful for the opportunity to have been in a place where I could absorb and value the cultural perspectives of individuals from backgrounds different from my own. I imagine that this global perspective will serve me countless times in my career and personal life during the years ahead. 

Who or what made a great impact on your collegiate career at the University? 

My roommate of three years, Connor [Fox], made the greatest impact on my time at UM. Since freshman year, Connor pushed me to be the greatest version of myself inside and outside the classroom. Connor showed me what it means to be loyal, supportive, and a true friend—something more valuable than any accomplishment or experience I could ever have. My most memorable experience with Connor was during our junior year when he convinced me to join him in the 4x4x48 Challenge—run four miles every four hours for 48 hours in support of SEALKIDS, a nonprofit organization that provides academic support, tutoring, and other services to children and families of Navy SEALs. While we were sleep-deprived, tired, and almost always hungry, Connor was able to make light of the situation, crack a joke, and encourage me to keep going. I was grateful to learn from those days that I had a friend who would never let me give up.

What experience or accomplishment are you most proud of?

The accomplishments I am most proud of from my time at UM are the relationships I have made with a handful of my closest friends. Above any award or experience, the people in our lives are what bring us the most lasting fulfillment. The University of Miami gave me the opportunity to build lifelong relationships with a number of ambitious and caring young men of character.

What is your favorite: campus experience, tradition, memory, spot on campus, etc.?

My favorite spot on campus at UM is the Lakeside Patio, especially when there is live music on Thursday afternoons. The band will often play one of my favorite songs, and I can briefly forget about whatever assignments and exams I have that week.

Who or what will you miss the most about the University? 

What I will miss most about UM is the opportunity every day to meet and hear the stories of interesting, inspiring, and beautiful people from all over the world. These interactions are what bring me the most joy. 

What’s next?

Upon my graduation in May, I will be headed to New York City to join Evercore’s investment banking practice as an analyst on the Private Funds Group, which raises capital for private equity, private credit, and infrastructure investment funds.