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Drawn to the School of Architecture’s interdisciplinary mission

Nicholas Amadori feels all that he has learned at the school has made him well-rounded and prepared in his chosen field.
Nicholas Amadori

Nicholas Amadori

Coral Springs, Florida, native, Nicholas Amadori gained a lot of inspiration from his mother Claudia Amadori, who received a Ph.D. in English literature from the University of Miami in 2014. Born in Italy, English was not her first language. Today, she teaches English literature at Florida Atlantic University. 

“She is the first generation in my family to go to college,” he said. “She studied 12 years while working and raising a child.”

That role model helped Amadori work hard to succeed in his chosen field of architecture. He graduates with a Bachelor of Architecture on Friday, May 10. 

Read about his experiences at the University and what lies ahead. 

Why this major? How’d you get interested in the topic? 

I decided to study architecture because I am interested in the design of buildings and their relationship to their site. I am fascinated by the interdisciplinary nature of architecture. I became interested in architecture after participating in a summer architecture program at Florida Atlantic University when I was in high school. I was attracted to UM’s mission of offering project-based learning and opportunities to develop projects that address climate change. I gained significant knowledge within my discipline and made some good friends. 

What involvements did you have at University of Miami? 

I have been a teaching assistant for assistant professor Christopher Meyer since August 2022. I assist him in Environment Building System courses. I also have a weekend job, so my life is always busy. 

I have worked on a variety of projects in my architectural studios, including affordable housing projects, urban design, and mixed-use buildings. I have learned something new from each. Among my favorite projects are “Palazzo di St. Elena” and “Nuclear Epoch.” 

“Palazzo di St. Elena” is a mixed-use building at a proposed site in Venice. It started out as a massing diagram and moved to an articulate project with architectural plans. 

“Nuclear Epoch” was a project for a Builders’ Architectural Visualization competition. For this project, I created renderings that depicted architecture as part of a scene akin to a computer-generated image (CGI) movie. It allowed for architecture that creates a tone and a narrative that is not meant to be designed as a real building. I designed a dystopian scene that depicts a future metropolis after a nuclear disaster. I have also taken an amazing course in architectural photography, which has helped with image composition in every studio I have taken. 

How did the University help you identify your career choice or path? 

The school has expanded my knowledge of possible career paths after graduation. Attending lectures on campus helped me gain new perspectives on possible career specializations. I am proud to have learned wood fabrication, architectural photography, drawing, painting, and visual programming language. These are opportunities that I would not have expected to experience at UM, and they have made me well-rounded and have allowed me to discover new passions.

What are some of your favorite campus experiences or University memory? 

I enjoyed attending the Homecoming events with my friends and playing pool at the Rathskeller. I love going to the outdoor pool and playing basketball at the Wellness Center. My favorite spot is the Fate Bridge because I like to notice the changes in the tide and the marine life passing by. 

Where are you going to graduate school, and what will you pursue there?

I am currently undecided on which university to attend. I was accepted into the University of Miami’s Master of Science in Architecture, Digital Fabrication Track. I also applied to the University of Florida’s Master of Science in Architectural Studies, Sustainable Architecture Track, and I am still waiting for a decision.