Exploring Greek Life

By UM News

Exploring Greek Life

By UM News
The week-long celebration includes UCP fundraisers at local restaurants and on-campus events open to the public.

About a quarter of University of Miami students are involved in Greek Life, but this week all of the campus is sporting the Greek Week “Mix It Up” logo with banners, T-shirts, and philanthropic opportunities to engage the UM community.

“It is really important for us to get the entire community involved because at the end of the week, the biggest impact we want to have is on United Cerebral Palsy. The more people that come out to these events—in Greek Life or not—the more money we can raise and the more we can help UCP,” said Bryce Burton, a senior and Greek Week co-chair.

Greek Week 2016 is happening now though Saturday, February 27, raising money and awareness for United Cerebral Palsy and promoting Greek unity and competition. My Ceviche, Bagel Emporium, Shake Shack, and Giardino’s are among the local business supporters of the cause.

“One of the most fundamental parts of everyone’s day is the need to have a meal. By engaging restaurants in the area we bring them a lot of business and in return we have very easy way to raise a couple thousand dollars for the cause,” said Zoe Kafkes, Sponsorship and Fundraising co-chair.

Over the past few years, Greek Week efforts have raised thousands of dollars for UCP. UCP’s programs and services are designed to meet the needs of each individual and family served, enabling people with disabilities to achieve rewarding and productive lives as fully participating members of their communities. In addition to Cerebral Palsy, children and adults with conditions such as Down syndrome, autism, and spina bifida are enrolled in programs provided by UCP.

“UCP is such a great place to give back to because of the wide number of people they help. One of my sorority sisters has always been involved in planning FunDay, the oldest service day at the University of Miami. It is so meaningful to help with this event a few weeks before Greek Week and actually see who we’re helping through our efforts,” said Kelsey Johnson, Greek Week co-chair.

In addition to restaurant fundraisers and team competitions, Greek Week 2016 features an on-going blood drive, a Greek God and Goddess competition, and a philanthropy carnival.

“We really hope that this year we’re able to surpass our previous year’s efforts. Everyone is excited and ready to do some good. We can’t wait to see how it turns out when the numbers come in. With the community’s support we can do so much,” Johnson said.