FUNDAY Celebrates 33rd Annual Service Day

By Renee Reneau

FUNDAY Celebrates 33rd Annual Service Day

By Renee Reneau
This year’s installment of the longest standing service event at UM endured rainy weather in the morning to give participants a fun-filled Saturday.

FUNDAYStudents sporting red, orange, and white T-shirts mingled on campus as 350 special guests from Miami arrived in buses on February 6 to enjoy a day of food and activities with UM students. The 33rd annual FUNDAY kicked off with a great start as Sebastian greeted attendees at The Rock with a warm welcome and a 'Canes Spell out.

Soon activities were underway, showcasing this year’s theme, Around the World. Participants watched an international dance show, played games at fun fair booths, and decorated passports and airplanes in the arts and crafts room.

“This year the event was more condensed to one area and it created a much more cohesive, fun atmosphere,” said UM senior and FUNDAY Chair, Micaela Nannery. “It allowed for more commitment by students to their buddies.”

FUNDAY is an annual tradition open to all UM students and provides an opportunity for interaction between UM students and adults with intellectual disabilities from special communities across Miami. Participants often speak of the unique experiences FUNDAY offers and of its lasting rewards.

“The most rewarding part of FUNDAY was being able to laugh and have fun alongside those who have been down a very different life path than I have,” said freshman Sarah Stankard. “I would participate again because I felt like I was actually impacting lives, even if it was just for a day.”

FUNDAYStankard and her buddy Hilton especially enjoyed the karaoke room, where they danced and listened to James Brown and Queen songs performed by students and buddies alike.

“It was so rewarding to see all 350 buddies and more than 500 students come out even though the weather was causing some crazy last minute changes,” Nannery said.

By the end of the day that Saturday, the sun was shining strongly and the buddies were smiling. As they got back on the buses, many waved and said confidently, “See you next year.”

Students smiled back. “Hope you had fun!”