Hurricane Productions continues to host the fun

Hurricane Producations board members, from left: Stephanie Perez, Josh Dinetz, Kayla Hippolyte-Wade, Mandy Perez and Kayla Condon. Photo: TJ Lievonen/University of Miami

By Ashley A. Williams

Hurricane Producations board members, from left: Stephanie Perez, Josh Dinetz, Kayla Hippolyte-Wade, Mandy Perez and Kayla Condon. Photo: TJ Lievonen/University of Miami

Hurricane Productions continues to host the fun

By Ashley A. Williams
With 102 events already on their calendar, new initiatives are also on the horizon for the University of Miami’s largest student-run organization.

Your go-to source for on-campus entertainment just got better. From concerts to carnivals, Hurricane Productions (HP) is planning to deliver more unique, free programming for students to enjoy this academic year.

“We have a lot of new programming this semester,” said Mandy Perez, the group’s current chair. “For example, at the Rathskeller we have a lot of new initiatives that we haven’t done before. We plan to bring a lot more interactive events as opposed to ‘make-and-takes,’ where you make something and you leave.”

Both Perez and vice chair Joshua Dinetz expressed their excitement over the recent renovation and restructuring of the club. Not only can students expect new programming, but a weekly general body meeting has also been added to their lineup.

HP is comprised of seven committees: Rathskeller Advisory Board; Daytime Programming and Special Events; Canes Night Live; Cinematic Arts Commission; Patio Jams; HP Concerts; and CaneStage Theatre Company. Each committee is responsible for hosting a variety of events which include giveaways, live music, stage productions, outdoor movies and more.

In the past, the committees operated as their own individual entity. Now, members will gather on Monday evenings to network, share information and brainstorm.

“I’m most excited to see all of HP come together as one,” said Dinetz, a transfer student majoring in media management. “We had our first general body meeting and 33 new people showed up. HP is really growing.”

Perez said joining HP has changed her entire college experience and she has hopes of doing the same for other ’Canes.

“It was the first time that I felt like I had real friends on campus,” said Perez, a senior double majoring in neuroscience and history. “It felt very rewarding to be planning and directing events with my best friends on campus.”

When she joined the club on a whim last year, she noted the joy it brought others around her. In search for a connection to campus, she took on the position of daytime programming and special events chair. Today, she credits being brave enough to try new things as helping her to discover her newfound passion. Once she graduates she plans to attend medical school.

HP kicked off their programming this year with a variety of events during ’Cane Kickoff and has a litany of exciting and engaging programs to come. On Thursday, Aug. 22, HP will host their first event of the semester on the Lakeside Patio, with Patio Jams featuring Corporate J & The Ben.

Dinetz plans to use the leadership, communication and marketing skills he has gained from his involvement with HP in his future. The New York native said that being a part of such a large organization has prepared him to become an effective leader. He hopes to become a lawyer in the future.

“I find being in HP to be inclusive and also a positive vibe and more fulfilling than any other organization I’ve been involved with in the past,” said Dinetz. “I am doing something for all students for free in a positive way.”

Students, mark your calendars for Canes Night Live “Old Town Road” at 8 p.m. Friday, Aug. 23 at the Shalala Student Center. HP is also hosting the first watch party of the 2019 football season #AtTheRat on Saturday, Aug. 24 at 5:30 p.m.